Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Are you sure this is supposed to be part of the process?

Because all this talk about wedding is annoying me. And it’s my wedding. All I want to do is to tell the whole world about the wedding plans and shit.

All. The. Bloody. Time.

Seriously, I’m so Minah Kahwin-Kahwin right now that I want to smack myself.

I want to show people all the pictures I took of myself after I did my make up trials. The hair that my make-up artist did for me. All the different presents. What we’re planning. What I’m wearing. What he’s wearing. Where we’re going. Heck, I want to show the whole world my wedding dress, like oh my glob, just stop it with the wedding shit already.

I wonder if other brides-to-be have this same reaction? This insatiable need to talk about the wedding.

I wonder if this is how Bridezillas come about, to have all that attention focused on just them.

The thing is, I just want to get the wedding over and done with so that we can actually start on the married life thing, to build something together, which I thing is more important than the wedding itself.

I think I need a distraction. Something to keep my mind off the wedding stuff.