Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Whovian Obsession

If you woke up one morning and found a blue police box at your front door and man in a tweed jacket, a bow tie and the most wonderful hair that all you want to do is to run your fingers through it, was waiting for you and asks if you’d like to come with him.

He opens the door to the police box with a snap of his fingers and you saw that it was bigger, a lot bigger on the inside. The interior was in gold and green, with the strangest console you’ve ever seen; a mish mash of new and old tech.

He says to you that with the machine, the Time And Relative Dimension in Space machine, you can go to every where, would you go with him?

I would. I so would, despite the fact that Companions never end well.

Here’s to 50 years of Doctor Who.

Preview Screening of ‘Game Of Thrones’

GoT banner

Last week, I had the privilege of attending a preview for the latest show that HBOAsia is bringing in, the Game of Thrones. The event was held at ION Sky. This was the first time that I’d been able to attend an invite as I’ve always had classes during the last few events.

Anyway, I discovered that more than a few of my friends were also invited to attend the event. Dude came along as well as I was shameless enough to ask if I could bring a guest as I thought that he might enjoy the show. I met Sarah, Joelyn and Raven at { prologue } bookstore before the start of the event. After a couple of minutes of book browsing, Joelyn and Raven bid us goodbye and headed to the lounge where the event was held for cocktails, while Sarah, Dude and I met with Atiqah, the lovely young lady who invited us for the event.

We were told that since the canapés that were provided at the event were not halal, they had made arrangements for those of us who were going to break our fast. We met her at Meatworks and were informed that while the restaurant is certified halal, it’s not shown anywhere as the diners are allowed to bring their own bottle of wine or liquor, if they so choose.

lamb rack

Dinner was a most wonderful affair. The food was good and even Dude, who has exacting standards for steaks, said the food was wonderful. Once everyone had eaten, we headed up to the lounge to attend the preview.

Before that, we had to put on our tags to show that we were not gate-crashing the party.

hbo tags

The lounge was at the 55th floor of ION. I didn’t even know that the floors went up that high. When we arrived at the event area, it was like a disco, with strobe lights, drinks and music. I think Sarah said it best when she described it as, “A geek prom.” I met the guys from HereBeGeeks: Peter(@prodigialgeek), Alvin(@direcow) and Wailong(@kakitaraisho), Red Dot Diva(@syzzlyn) and Clicktokill(@clicktokill).

The wonderful people at HBOAsia actually made a replica of the Iron Throne from the series, where we could sit down and take pictures. They had a professional photographer who would take our pictures and print them out and give it back to us, in between two pieces of magnetic acrylic, like a paperweight thingy.

GoT like a boss

Yes, that’s me, sitting on the throne. Like a boss.

At around 8.30pm, everyone was seated and they played the first episode of the series. I didn’t know what to expect really as I’ve never read the books. It was brutal, bloody and gratuitous naked side boob shots. I loved it! The gratuitous violence and the amount of blood that was shed in just that first episode would slake anyone’s bloodthirst. It was most awesome! The episode ended too soon and with a cliff hanger that made me go, “WHAT?! THAT’S IT?! I WANT MORE!!!”

I seriously cannot wait for the next episode of the show.

We mingled a little bit more and took a more pictures but as it was getting late (and I had an early morning meeting the next day), we left. As we exited, we were handed swag bags that had a number of things that I really, really like. There was a foldable bag, that I’ve yet to unzip, a set of leather bookmarks with the crest of each House in the series imprinted into it, and a sword-shaped letter opener that came with its on sheath and stand.

swag 1swag 2swag 3

The blade had the title of the series etched into it too.

GoT sword

It’s one of the most interesting things I’ve ever gotten.

Anyway, I would say that if you like high fantasy, violence, sword-fights and sex, this is the show for you. It’s like an unsanitised version of Lord of The Rings.

Here’s a trailer for the show if you’ve not seen it yet.

I had a really great time at the event and I thoroughly enjoyed the show too. Thank you Atiqah, HBOAsia and their team for inviting me to this event. I can’t wait for the rest of the series.

Game of Thrones will premier on HBO on the 28th of August, 10pm. Watch it!

Ogling The Boob Tube

I don’t watch a lot of TV for the simple fact that there’s nothing good on. Ever. Watching DVDs over and over again don’t count since there aren’t commercials and you can pause and stop when ever you want. I may get the free to air Malaysian channels but even then, most of the stuff that I do want to watch are usually at a time when my mother wants to watch something else and the mother always wins.

In the three weeks that The Significant Other was in town, I’ve watched more TV in those three weeks than I have in the three months before that. That’s because he has cable at his place. Do you know how many documentaries/cooking shows/crime shows you can watch in day?


I love it! In fact I can watch almost anything that is playing on the telly without blinking my eyes!

I watch the shows with such intense, single-minded focus that it takes multiple calls and even a shout to get my attention. I’m deprived, dammit!

My mother’s excuse for not having cable at home is that it would be a distraction for us when we were in school. I think she doesn’t want to have because not only does she NOT want to pay for it but it also means that she won’t be able to watch her shows. Like I said, the mother always wins.

Now that The Significant Other is out of town again, I won’t be able to watch Anthony Bourdain doing his tour, or the Animal Planet or the Nat Geo shows or worst of all, no Discovery!


*slumps into a pile of disappointment*

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The Cute Nerd On TV

It’s a well known fact that I have much love for Dean Winchester. He is what I term as a manly man, with his muscle car, his height, his sexiness, his ruggedness and his ability to kill monsters while making snarky quips. He is, without a doubt, good looking and damn sexy.

dean winchester

I’ve always liked the bad boys types on tv and he appeals to the side of me. He is not the only ‘bad’ one that I like. I preferred it when Spike and Angel were evil. In fact, I liked evil Willow over the goody-goody one.

However, in a recent DVD watching marathon, I found that I like the geeky/nerdy types too, especially if they’re packing fire arms.

spencer reid

This is Special Agent Dr Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. He has three Ph.D. degrees and a very high IQ. Basically, he’s a genius. I find this character sexy in his own way. He may not be as good looking as Dean but his intellect makes up for it. He’s a repository of interesting things and the best part is that, he has a gun.

I don’t think that I will obsess over Reid like I am over Dean but you can’t deny that he’s cute. I want to lick him.

Take a look at this video:

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NaBloPoMo Day #16: The Pie Maker

Photo by Paul Goyette

At a recent trip to the video store, I picked up the first season of Pushing Daisies are hearing so much about it. I was curious but it took me a few days before I actually opened the box because it took too much trouble to look for my other seasons of Supernatural, which I was actually looking for.

I was not disappointed at all. It’s different from other shows that I watch, with the brightly coloured, almost animated background, the clever plot and the make-up for the dead bodies is actually not bad. The dialogue of the show is witty and funny. It’s the kind of dialogue that I dream of writing for my novels but could never carry it out fully. It helps that the Pie Maker is gorgeous in the awkward, goofy kind of way and the chemistry between him and his love interest is so sweet.

I think it’s too bad that there are only nine episodes in the first season because once I finished watching all of it, I want, really want to watch the second season. Now.

Anyway, this is what the show is about, in under five minutes:

Now I’m craving for some pie.

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What If You Were Flight of the Conchords?

I first heard of Flight of the Conchords (FOTC) through the ladies at Mamapop, when they were raving about how hilarious it was. My curiosity got the better of me and I checked them out. Those ladies were right! The guys were so damn hilarious! Check this out:

So I’m really glad that they’re bringing this show here.

Anyway, thanks Yinqi for tagging me for FOTC 201. Here are my answers.

Ep 1: Jemaine attends Dave’s party and scores a date with a hot chick, only to realise she’s Bret’s ex. Would you go out with your best friend’s ex?

If there is attraction between the parties, why not, but not immediately after the break up, of course. That would not only be rude but insensitive. Maybe after months and months after the split (and if the split wasn’t bad), the friend is paired off with someone else, I would go for it.

Ep 2: Faced with the prospect of a dwindling cashflow, Bret is forced to hold signs (“Hot Dogs”) at a busy NYC street corner. What was your worst temp job experience?

I’ve only had one temp job before and that was being a relief teacher. It was terrible, at least for me. I don’t have much patience and dealing with juvenile delinquents, you need a mountain of patience that I just don’t have. My students were so bad that they made me cry. It didn’t help that I was only 5 years older than them. The whole experience made me not want to be a teacher at all, much to the disappointment of my mother. I just cannot handle spending such long hours with kids like that.

Ep 3: Bret loses Jemaine’s trust after Bret abandons him when they get mugged. Would you leave your best friend in the lurch when confronted by parang-wielding Ah Bengs?

I want to say that I’ll fight them back but most probably, I’ll be screaming my lungs out and running for my life, dragging my friend away if I have to. When your survival instincts kick in, between fight or flight, I think most of us will run. There’s nothing wrong in that, as long as you’re not leaving someone in danger. Then that would be bad.

What about you? What would your answers to the questions be?

Here’s a bonus for you FOTC and LoTR fans (there’s got to be some out there other than me, right?), here’s something interesting the ladies of Mamapop found. Enjoy.

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Lunch And A Show

I discovered a very wonderful thing about my iPod, I can play videos on it! Ok, so I knew all along but I just never fully utilised it that way. Henry (yes, I named my iPod. Have a problem with that?) has always been, primarily, a music player and sometimes as a HDD when I’m in a bind. While I was going through my extrenal HDD at home, I realised that I had a number of videos that I knew that I will never watch when I’m at home, so why don’t I transfer it into Henry so that I can watch it on the go.

I tried that yesterday and managed to watch half of the first episode of Jekyll on train before my battery went flat. So today, being the smart person that I am, I brought the cable with me and an adaptor so that I can watch the episodes and charge Henry at the same time. So I had lunch at my desk while watching the rest of the episode. Aren’t I smart?

I had mushroom soup and some garlic bread for lunch, by the way. It was good too. I think I can make this into a lunch time thing; have a light lunch and catch a show at the same time.

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