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NaBloPoMo Day #10: My Dean Winchester Obsession

I think it’s a well known fact that I have much love for Dean Winchester. I’m not talking about Jensen Ackles, the guy who acts as Dean (though that man is very. very, veeeerrryyy good looking) but Dean the Character itself. In fact, I must say that I have an obsession about him, much to The Significant Other’s unhappiness.

How can I not obsess about him when he looks like this:

It’s not just the way he looks but the way his character is written.

He may be crude, rough around the edges and full of flaws but he loves his family. He would do anything for them, even selling his soul to the demon just to bring his brother back from the dead.

I like him so much that last year’s NaNoWriMo Novel had a character that was inspired by him. I stopped my writing last night, earlier than I would have just to re-read the novel. I don’t usually do that since most of the time, I think what I wrote is crap, not saying that last year’s novel wasn’t, but the novel made me smile. A lot. Like a crazy person. It made me really happy despite the awful spelling mistakes, the grammar and the punctuation errors. You would think that I had actually failed English from the amount of mistakes that were in there.

The novel was superbly cheesy, very fanfic like and very, very Mary Sue but I had so much fun writing it. The words flowed out like water, unlike this year where I had to sit down and concentrate on my writing.

So anyway, I don’t see this obsession going away any time soon and I don’t want it to. Dean Winchester makes me happy. He makes me smile. He maybe fictional but for that forty-five minutes I spend watching a Supernatural episode, I get to escape for a little while to a place where there’s Dean.

So don’t mock me when I name a bear (that will most probably end up as my bed buddy along with my Eeyore) Dean Winchester. If he makes me happy, would you want to take him away from me?

What about you? Which on screen character do you obsess about?

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As Seen On TV

I used to be a TV addict. Now, I don’t watch as much TV any more but what I do watch, I watch obsessively.

    1. CSI: Crime Scene Investigations – My original obsession. The reason I took the forensic science module in college. As much as I love watching this show, the lab scenes always make me shout at the tv, “That’s not how you take off your gloves!” or “Gah! Tie up your hair dammit! It’s going to contaminate the evidence!” or “Did no one teach them how to use the pipette properly?!”

    2. CSI: Miami – Cheesy, flashy and wrinkly, hot men. A lot of people don’t like this spin-off from the original but I think it has character with all the cheesiness. I find the little quirks that Horatio does, are very endearing. I also find him hot.

    3. CSI: NY – The darkest of the three CSI series. I love that it’s gory, bloody and very, very messy. Interesting cases too. And Don Flack is hot.

    4. Supernatural – Dean! Dean! Dean! That is all the reason I need.

    5. House M.D. – Snappy, snarky dialogue. Watching this makes me a little paranoid but if I was ever struck by a mysterious, almost fatal illness, I want House to be my doctor. Also, Hugh Laurie is hot.

    6. Bones – It satisfies all my geeky, nerdy side. Between the books and the show, I prefer the show for the funny, snappy dialogue, interesting characters and the science. David Boreanaz is hot.

As you can see, the criteria for the TV shows are very simple: somewhat science based or with supernatural tangent, and hot men.

What do you watch on TV and why?

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Day #15: To The Hot TV Men In My Life

Dear Nick,

You had me at that first shirtless shot of you in season one. You were absolutely sexy. We’ve been through a lot together; through your first kidnapping in that second season, having a gun pointed at your head a few times, having the murder of that woman pinned on you, through all the horrible hairdos and facial hair mistakes, and all those times I went into withdrawal when the season ended I had yet to receive the next season on DVD. When you were kidnapped in that final two episodes of season five, it was very difficult for me to watch you in that ordeal. It was almost as hard as watching that moustache on you, but I digress.

We’ve been together for so long, so it’s hard for me to break this to you. I’m sorry to tell you that you are no longer number one in my Hottest Men On TV list. Your place of honour has gone to someone else; someone who is totally different from you. Please don’t think that you’re no longer hot, because you are. He’s just hotter. I’m sorry.


* * *

Dear Dean,

Even though we’ve only known each other for two seasons, you’ve managed to push yourself to the number one spot in my Hottest Men On TV list and I love you. You had me sitting up straight and pay attention to you since the very first episode of Supernatural, when you were caked in mud. To still be sexy even when you’re covered in drying mud is a very big accomplishment in my book

With your rugged, boyish charm and your sexy smile, how could I resist? And your car, it’s just sex on wheels. It’s the sexiest piece of machinery I’ve ever seen on TV ever. Every single shirtless shot of you, and sometimes your brother, have been played and re-played so often that it might have scratched the DVD. All that ‘warrior training’ that your father did with your and your brother seemed to pay off very well.

I know that these two seasons have been hard on you. You know, with the death of your parents, your dad exchanging his life for yours, having to kill that poor girl just because she was a werewolf, and seeing your brother killed in front of you. If you ever need a shoulder boobs to cry on, I’ll always be here. Just try not to get yourself or your brother killed. Again.

Much, much love,

* * *

Dear Flack,

I think you’re hot. I just can’t bring myself to call you by your first name because we barely know each other. Yes, it’s been two season of CSI:NY but I rarely get to see you in action. The only time I got to see you shirtless was in the last episode of season two but that was not the best way since you were in hospital and they just patched up your chest and abdomen from the flying shrapnel. Maybe in the following seasons, I would be able to see more or you shirtless preferably. I hope that the bomb blast didn’t leave you with any long lasting disability.


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NaBloPoMo Day #8: Catching Up

The hectic week that I’ve had totally threw my blog reading schedule out of whack. On a normal day, I would start my work day with a good cup of tea, email checking and reading of blogs. With all the activities I’ve had this past week, I couldn’t catch up on my reading and when I checked my Google reader today, there’s like a total of 113 posts, waiting for me to read them.

I finally managed to catch up on them but I cheated. I skimmed through most of them and only picking a few of the posts to read. Who has the time to read every single post like that when I still have so much more to write of the NaNovel.

Here’s the stats so far:

Chapters : 5

Total Words (as of right now): 7616

Total Number of Pages: 21

Characters killed: 1

Sex scenes: 2

Everyone who knows about the novel keeps asking me how it’s going. It would go a lot faster if you’d just stop asking me about it and let me write the damn thing! Sheesh!

Also, I’ve been watching Supernatural again since Dean is so fucking sexy. I dare you to say that he’s not.

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Where Have All The Good Stuff Gone?

During the first week of Eid, there’s supposed to be the best of the best of movies and other shows to celebrate this joyous occasion. However, it’s onto the second day and I’ve had to suffer through a very lame teenage movie, a stupid sitcom, stupider telemovie and various repeats from previous years. What happened to all the good stuff? The only decent movie that they’re showing would be Mukhsin but I’ve already watched that one and I even have it on video. Sigh…

The only channel that has some good movies is the Malaysian cable channel. Everything else is just crap. Maybe I feel this way because I haven’t been able to catch most of the TV stuff since I’ve been busy with the visiting of the grandmother and other things but still, I stand by my opinion that this year, most of the TV shows for Eid really sucks.

You know what, I think that even the movies at the cinema isn’t that great either. Seriously, where’s all the good stuff? Where have all the good stuff gone? How I miss those days when I could watch a movie almost every other day because there were so many shows to watch. I want vampires, zombies and other creatures from horror movies. They should bring all that back and less of the romantic comedies/drama type movies.

Anyway, The Significant Other has been the bestest ever for bringing back the second season of Supernatural for me. Woohoo! I can’t wait to watch Dean!! OMG DEAN!!!! the episodes. How I love that show. Cute/hot guys with a sexy black car. What more can you ask for?

PS: Is the new Adam Sandler movie, Chuck & Larry that good?

PSS: Any other suggestions for movie watching this week?

PSSS: What with all the post-script things?

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