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Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

My Favourite Time To Visit The Library

Since I’ve been going to the library relatively often these past few weeks, I’ve discovered that the best time to go, at least in my opinion, is early Sunday mornings. The first two hours upon opening, to be exact. That’s when most browsers are either still in bed, at church or at the market, leaving most of the shelved books where they are. This makes finding books a lot easier. The best part of going early is that there are barely an running, screaming children in the fiction section and the isn’t a queue at the customer service counter.

On top of being able to get the books that I want, there are still tables available at the nearby Starbucks outlet near the library. That means, I get coffee, bagels and a book to read. That’s the perfect way to spend my Sunday mornings, in my opinion.

Do you have a favourite time to visit the library?

At The Comic Con


STGCC event guide

The Saturday was spent at Suntec, browsing through the booths at the Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention. Unlike last year where you had to pay to get in, this year it’s free.

There were less booths but that didn’t mean that I had less fun. In fact, I had more fun this year than I did last year. I bought comic books.

The Flash : Rogues Vampire Batman

Then I got free comic books, courtesy of the GnB booth.

Free comic 1 Free comic 2

At the 501st Legion booth, they were collecting donations on behalf of the Make A Wish Foundation. Part of their donation thing was a Droid Hunt which I took part in. I got this:

Star Wars toy and comic

I even got some of my stuff autographed by Brian Bolland, The Killing Joke poster that came free with my event guide (much to the envy of my friends) and the Bolland Sketches booklet.

The Killing Joke poster Bolland Sketches

However, the best part of my day was the cosplay part. I got to hang out with Raven Silvers, who dressed up as Mario, the whole day. I had a great time watching people’s reaction to her outfit and spent better part of the day helping people take pictures of them with her.

Mario Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn

Seriously Sarah dressed up as Harley Quinn while her friend dressed up as Poison Ivy. They entered the cosplay competition in the groups category. They may not have won first prize but they were kick ass awesome.

All in all, I had a great time and I wished that there were more comic booths and at least a booth selling t-shirts with comic characters on them, especially the villains in girly sizes. I’m really glad I went.

Live Blogging From McDonald’s Causeway Point

Randomness in 3…2…1…

So here I am, waiting for my sister to finish her errand so that I can finally get the Cinnamon Melts that everyone has been talking about these few days. The McDs crew is staring at me strangely. Maybe because I’m sitting her all by myself, with my comptuer on but with no purchases at all.

The students hanging out here for an after school meal, do not seem to understand the concept Inside Voices because they’re basically shouting at each other.

Oh, my sis is here.

Food time.

Self Plug (Because I’m Absolutely Shameless And Would Love to Have More Link Love)

This post is all about self-plugging.

You see, I seem to like to make trouble for myself and this usually means that I create a site for various things and then totally don’t update it for weeks. So, to solve the problem, I’m going to plug my sites here and hopefully, people will go and tell me to update it and stuff.

Good idea? Yes? No? You don’t know?



Anyway, I seem to be liking this micro-blogging thing (and no, I’m not talking about Twitter or Plurk) (You see how I’m self-plugging my micro-blogging platforms? But I digress).

I’ve created two different mini-blogs for different types of contents.

Photo Krill is the photo blog where I post random pictures that I take when I feel like it.

Micro Krill is a site where I post up links, funny facts and pictures and sometimes even videos. It’s just a site made up of random little things that I like.

As you can see, I like randomness a lot. That’s because my brain has random thoughts through out the day and it would be nice to share some randomness with other people.

Since I’m being shameless with this self-plugging, please do add/subscribe me because it’ll make me happy. Why, you would ask, should you care if I’m happy or not? Well, it’s a nice thing to do and karma pays back in three fold, no?

So do visit me at those sites.

P.S: Me, having a grande iced latte from Starbucks has got nothing to do with the randomness of this post. It’s all me and not the coffee, baby.

Taking A Break

It’s the last weekend before school starts again next week, so I decided to make full use of the time to relax and catch up on some R&R. Sure I could have used the time to catch up on school work but I was tired! *whines*

So anyway, I had DVDs

labyrinth, inconvinent truth and HSM3
Yes, that’s High School Musical 3 that’s tucked between Labyrinth and An Inconvenient Truth. It was not my first choice of DVD to watch but there’s only so much whining that I can take before I have to say yes to my sis.


Classic Italian pizza
Classic Italian pizza, good enough to eat without the usual Tobasco sauce.

Beef Salsa
Beef Salsa. I wish it had more Jalapeno peppers.


Bundaberg Root Beer
I love the rootbeer but I prefer the ginger ale though. I’m going to stick some more in the fridge. Nothing like ice cold root beer to relax to.

It’s like a party, I tell you. Except that it’s just me and the sis at home. I guess tomorrow will be school work day.

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I Need…

A new pair of shoes. Adidas or Asics?

To get on with this reading this damn paper. Why are you so dry, dammit?!




To get my assignments done. So far, I’ve only made headway on just one. *headdesk*

To eat.

To go to school even though I really don’t wanna.


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