Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Went Tea Shopping

Despite all the talk about coffee, I’m primarily a tea drinker. That’s actually my choice for caffeine, and my favourite kind of tea is Earl Grey. When I discovered that  my personal stash of Earl Grey tea in the office is down to only a week’s supply, I had to go out and get more.

While at the supermarket, I saw that they’d changed the packaging for my usual Waitrose tea. Then I saw the Russian Earl Grey, which I’ve never tried before.

Earl Grey Tea

Stocking up.

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The Day I Went Out And Did Girlie Things

I don’t shop a lot, unlike some of my peers. I usually only go out to get stuff when I needed them or when there’s a sale that I just can’t say no to. So when I saw the promo below, I can’t resist.

La Senza Sassy Savings

Since my friends were going to be in town anyway, might as well get my little shopping trip done and meet them for dinner. So we spent some time at the lingerie shop and I had to resist the urge to blow my entire pay on lady items, and so after much internal debate, I settled on the ones that I wanted most and left.

We walked around the mall for a little bit, while waiting for Sarah to be done with her workshop, Jo, Avariel and I did some window shopping.

We ended up at New Look where I couldn’t resist on trying out some shoes.


I didn’t get any of them in the end as I couldn’t justify getting them and I didn’t really have a reason to. Also, since I don’t have any outfits that would match the brown shoes that I was lusting after. I did however found the perfect thing to give my sister as a birthday present.

After Sarah rendezvoused with us at the mall, we headed out to Arab Street for dinner. I saw that there was a new Turkish place (Derwish, 60 Bussorah St) that took over the premises that was the former Chicken Champ.


The décor was very nice and rather classy. After a quick glance through the menu, we decided to start the meal with hummus.


It was good. Not runny like some places, with a strong spiced taste. I’d have preferred if it was a tad more garlicky but eh, it was wonderful.

Jo and I decided on a spinach pide and sucuk pide, which is a Turkish pepperoni pide, respectively.


My sucuk pide was basically a breakfast pizza of sorts as it had pepperoni, egg and cheese on bread. It was good but it would have been better, to me anyway, if it was a little more spiced. Jo’s spinach pide was delicious and it tasted even better when dipped in the hummus.

Avariel had the Iskender set which was really, really good; thinly sliced lamb over a bed of toasted bread and covered with their spiced tomato sauce and yoghurt. Sarah had the Beyeti, which was lamb wrapped in pastry and covered in delicious gravy.

I would totally recommend the Iskender, the Beyeti and the spinach pide, if you ever go there.

We had a pre-dessert dessert by trying out their rice pudding.

rice pudding

The rice pudding at Derwish is good but I prefer the one at Anatolia.

After dinner, we headed out to the gelato place that we passed by earlier, Gelato Di Posto Storico. Jo and Sarah had a scoop of gelato each, Avariel tried the tea that she found most interesting, while I had an affogato.


I’ve been wanting to try it for the longest time, just never got around to getting it. The large scoop of vanilla gelato had crushed bits of Oreo cookies on it and drowned in a shot of espresso. The coffee was good, even without the gelato; with the gelato, it tasted even better. I was disappointed that they didn’t have decaf coffee but I think the affogato wouldn’t have tasted as wonderful if it was decaf.

I would most definitely want to go back to try out the gelato flavours that I saw, like mint, salted caramel and coconut.

It was a really good day out with awesome friends and even though I’ll be getting busier from this week onwards, I hope that I get to do this again soon.

Girly Day Out

One of the things I miss doing most is going out with either one or both of my sisters. Now that all three of us are working, it gets harder to spend time with each other doing girly things; like shopping. So when the opportunity arose yesterday, since my youngest sis was having the day off, we decided to go for a little shopping jaunt into town.

After a late lunch at Far East Plaza, we spent the next hour or so, walking around the different shops as she needed to get a Christmas present for her gift exchange thing at work. After much debating and changing her mind, she finally decided on what to get for her colleague. She even manage to find something for herself.

Then it was off to other malls for more retail therapy.

We ended up at Sephora as I wanted to get the interesting things I saw when I was there last. The last time I was there to get the Complexion Primer Potion , I saw a brand of cosmetic and skin care products called Soap & Glory. The two things that grabbed my interest were the Sexy Mother Plucker Lip Gloss and the Trick and Treatment Concealer. I thought I’d give it a try, especially the dark circle concealer since even with my days off, the dark rings under my eyes were quite bad and my concealer isn’t doing it’s job.

Anyway, I tried the lip gloss and it works! Once I put in on, my lips felt tingly, like I have pins and needles on them, and I my lips do look plumper too. I’m going to try the concealer soon and I hope it works.

After the trip to Sephora, my sister dragged me to Forever 21 and surprisingly, I actually found something I like. I got myself a satin tunic as I realised that I have too many t-shirts and not enough nice tops for formal and semi-formal events (not that I go to that many but eh, it’s always good to have a selection of tops that can go both formal and casual.)

As we were exiting Orchard, I decided to drag my sister down to Haji Lane to check out the shops there. Even though I spend a lot of time at Haji Lane nowdays, I don’t really get a chance to browse through all the shops there. Some of the shops had changed and/or closed down but there are new ones too.

dark grey dress

At Jia Shop (41A Haji Lane), I found a lovely dark grey dress. While there were three dresses in the same design, each dress was a one-off thing in light grey, dark grey and black. I tried it on and immediately fell in love with the dress. The only thing is that since it was free size, it’s slightly loose around the waist but that’s easily rectified with a belt, which also adds something different to the whole outfit. For $39, I thought that it was a good deal.

black belt

We then went down lane and at Green Poppies, I got myself black belt which I thought went well with the dress that I got earlier. I’d tried a couple of belts that I saw at some of the other shops but due to the fact that my waist is somewhat tiny, the belts were either too long or too loose for me. That is, until I saw the one at Green Poppies. It fit me just nice and it can still be used if I gained or lost weight.

red coin purse

Before I went to Green Poppies, my sister and I dropped by a new shop, Ohm Mani. The shop sells clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. I found the perfect coin pouch for me. It’s bright red so that I can find it easily in my bag and it’s also big enough to store all my loose change.

By the time we finished walking up and down the lane, we were both somewhat hungry and we ended up at Fika Cafe and sharing a plate of Swedish meatballs for dinner. All in all, I had a great fun day out with my sister and I hope that we might get to do something similar soon.

Sunday Adventures: Books Actually Turns 4

books actually small

After the last NaNoWriMo write-in for the year, a group of us (Seriously Sarah, Raven Silvers, Joelyn Alexandra, Avariel and I) went to Books Actually for their 4th anniversary thing.

They had moved from their Ann Siang Street outlet, to Polymath & Crust, their sister bookshop location at Clubs Street. The HSWG ladies and I were there in June for a writer flash mob reading.

books actually 1 small

So anyway, the first floor was entirely dedicated to literary and design books. I would have taken hell of a lot more pictures if I wasn’t so enamoured by the floor to ceiling shelves of books. The wooden shelves, the scent of book pages and cement, the soothing sounds of indie music playing in the back ground. I loved it, the whole experience. If I was alone and the shop wasn’t as packed as it was, I would have sat down in the couch at the little nook at the back of the first floor, closed my eyes and let my imagination flow.

It was one of those places that makes me feel superbly creative and I really, really wanted to sit down and write out the short story bouncing in my head, while I was there but uh, I didn’t it would be appropriate to occupy too much space in an already crowded area.

We ventured up to the second and third floors of the building and there were more floor to ceiling shelves of books, along with little knick knacks that brought all of us growing up in the 80s, back to our childhood memories.

books actually 2 small

There was the wooden box of paperweights (points to picture above). It had some stones in the shape of shells and sealed shot glasses filled with earth. Interesting, yes?

All of us concluded that if we ever were to get locked-in in a bookstore, Books Actually would be perfect. It could almost rival Neil Gaiman’s library, which is what my dream library would look like.

We couldn’t leave a book store without getting anything, so I ended up with a CIAK sketchbook, which I have no idea why I got it since I can’t draw to save my life, and a plain notebook that was Polymath & Crust’s own brand. I have no idea what I’m going to do with the plain notebook but being me, I’ll figure something out since I never leave home without a notebook.

With the end of November, the NaNoWriMo weekend adventures also come to an end. I have to find my own adventures after this. Anyone game?

My Problem With Shopping

This weekend, I took the opportunity to do a little shopping since there were a few things that I needed to get. Even though I did get the things that I wanted, I seem to have a habit of adding things that I don’t really need into the list.

Let me explain.

Yesterday, I went to the mall to look for the aluminium fold-able table for my laptop and maybe Zee Avi’s debut album as well as O.A.R. album, All Sides. I did not manage to get the O.A.R. album but I did get Zee Avi’s and the table. On top of that, I left the mall with a pair of sandals, a DVD lens cleaner and a cooling fan for the lap top.

The same thing happened today, when I went to another mall in the west. I was just there to get City of Ember due to the fact that the mall near my place did not carry it. I did get it but here’s a list of things that I got along with it:

  • Fanboys
  • Inkheart
  • Asking For Trouble: Tales of Saffy and Amanda by Jason Hahn
  • Airhead by Meg Cabot
  • A remote control for the tv in my room
  • A little pouch thing for my various peripherals
  • Bathsoap
  • I seem to be doing this a lot, adding things that I don’t need to my shopping cart. I just hope that it doesn’t get worse.

    By the way, I’m loving the Saffy and Amanda story. It’s freaking hilarious!


    Look At The Pretty Things I Got!

    Recently, I ordered a new batch of sample kit from Everyday Minerals as the previous one didn’t really have a foundation that suited the colour of my skin. The new sample kit, that consisted of 3 foundation colours, Golden Medium, Medium Beige Neutral and Buttered Tan, finishing dust and a blusher, Plum Dust. Other than the sample kit, I also got two sample size concealers, Mint and Multitasking. I can’t wait to try them out some time soon. If they’re suitable, I think I’ll get the actual size and some brushes to go with it.

    Oh look! Another dress! I know, I know… This is like the third dress within the last few weeks but.. but.. it was on sale! And it’s cute! Don’t you think so? I found it a little shorter than my other dresses but not too short that you can see my ass when I bend. The grandmother said that I should wear tights with it but I just can’t bring myself to do it. *shudders at the thought of wearing tights* I think it makes my skinny legs look like sticks.

    Anyway, the dress is as brightly coloured as in the pictures. It’s some synthetic material that isn’t heavy and it feels somewhat comfortable. I don’t know what shoes or accessories that will go with it yet but fear not, I’ll figure it out.

    Pretty, no?

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    My Hot Date With Rinaz

    I was early for our date, which gave me enough time to do a little shopping of my own. I finally got some hair accessories to replace the ones that I broke at work, too bad they didn’t have the colour I really wanted it in. I even finally found the satin belt that I was looking for.

    I met Rinaz at Far East Plaza and we had some nice Japanese food. Unfortunately, the service wasn’t great. Our food came late and they kept trying to give us someone else’s order, though I wouldn’t mind that if those were free. Anyway, the food finally came and Chillycraps joined us for dessert.

    It was raining so we ended up at Gelares, which was just next door from the Japanese place, for something sweet to go with the savoury stuff we had earlier. There were ice cream cakes, cappuccinos, an apple crumble and tea. It was tasteh!

    Then there was some book fondling at Borders where I threw money at the cashier’s face and got the following books:

    Overall, I had a great date with great people. It was fun. I hope that I can do that again some time.