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Driving Through Geylang During Ramadan

On Saturday, my parents decided to take take my sister and I for a drive after our Tarawih prayers, to see the Eid decorations at Geylang and see how bad the crowd was.

crowd at Geylang
Look at the crowd!

I was glad that we didn’t decide to park the car somewhere (assuming we could actually find a parking spot) and walk around the bazaar area that covered majority of the Geylang Serai shopping district. It was so crowded that it resulted in relatively bad traffic congestion at junctions when they cross the road en-mass. Fortunately, the was a traffic officer directing traffic or I’m sure someone would have gotten hurt.

Next up, badly taken pictures of the decorations. My only excuse, it’s hard to take pictures in a moving vehicle. Allonsy!

I was disappointed that the decorations were only along Changi Road, ending at Geylang Road. In previous years, they had decorations along Sims ave as well.

start of the lights

This year, they had twinkling, white fairy lights draped from the big trees, blue fairy lights with dangling stars and crescents on it. It’s pretty. I like that they stepped away from dangling ketupats because that’s been done too often.


Even the overhead bridge was decorated rather prettily.

overhead sign

I would love to go back and take proper pictures of the area but highly likely it’s not going to happen. Crowds and I don’t really go well together.