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Why Yes, I Do Read Comic Books : Power Girl #1 – #12

I’m a comic book reader and I’m proud of it. I may not be a hard-core comic book reader like some of my friends but I do have my favourites, mostly everyone and everything related to the Bat-family.

A while back, Sarah introduced me to Powergirl (PG). I’ve seen her around and about the different Crises series but I don’t really know that much about her. I picked up A New Beginning, the trade paperback collection of issues #1-6 and immediately liked it. On Saturday, I managed to pick up Aliens and Apes, the collection of issues #7-#12, and I loved it even more.

A New BeginningAliens and Apes

So what do I really think of the series so far?

The art is amazing! I love that PG’s emotions are all conveyed in her facial expression. You don’t need the dialogue to know that she’s pissed off or worried. It’s all in her face.

The writing is not only hilarious but it’s very believable. The dialogues are smart, witty and I wish that more comics out there have amazing writing as this.

One of my most favourite parts in the volume 1 of the trade collection is the cameo appearance of the guys from The Big Bang Theory in Powergirl #4.


I thought that they looked familiar as I was reading it and it only hit me who the guys were a couple of seconds later. Howard was totally in character and he got shot down by PG most spectacularly.

Volume 2 of the trade collection also had some gems, like this interaction between PG and Vartox in #7.

Seduction musk

PG’s expression in that last panel had me laughing so hard in the train that I had to stop reading and control my laughter fits as the lady standing opposite me was giving me strange looks. See what I mean by her face being full of expression? She looks like she was going to hit Vartox in the face, which she did much later.

I totally enjoyed issues #1-12 immensely and I’m starting to love this series very much. At the end of issue 12, Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, the writers and artist, left the series and were replaced by writer Judd Winick and artist Sami Basri. I’ve not read beyond issue #12 so I do not know how different the story line is like. However, I will most definitely pick up my copy of the next trade collection when it’s out in June, just so that I can make a comparison.

I’d totally recommend this to anyone who loves witty characters, amazing art and a really good storyline.