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NaBloPoMo Day #30: In The End

So yeah, last day of November.

The novel was done in twenty-eight days, with much moaning, whining and complaining but I managed it.

NaBloPoMo though, I didn’t do so well. I missed out so many days but then, I did update more this month as compared to the previous months. That’s good I guess though I have a feeling that most of the posts are just posting for the sake of posting. There’s nothing thought provoking in any of the posts. I’m just tired and it’s hard to put my thoughts into words with so many people around me. It’s superbly distracting.

It’s been a trial of a month but I’m glad that it’s over. I wish I had the writing high that I experienced last year but sadly, I didn’t have that at all. The only thing I did have was the urgency to finish it so that I can get my purple bar, which I did.

It frustrates me that every one thinks that it’s crazy for me to do this; the novel writing thing. No one bothers to understand the basis of NaNoWriMo. Their solution to my feeling lost after my novel ended, was to write another novel. It makes me want to scream sometimes because no one listens when I tell them about NaNoWriMo.

Ah well…. I think I’m just tired. Maybe I should stay away from people for a while.

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NaBloPoMo Day #28 : It Is Done

This year had been a struggle for em to write. Even though it was not as bad as the first two years of NaNoWriMo but once you know the ease of words flowing through you, the way a story writes itself and most importantly, that writing high, you expect every single writing day to be like that.

This year, I wrote a genre out of my comfort zone. Sure it’s got romance and sex but I’ve never done a fantasy novel where I have to come up with the characters myself. Even though the characters are based on mythical gods but it was still hard. It was the first time in a very long time since I wrote in third person too.

Even so, I finished it last night. I could have written more but I was tired and all burnt out. So for all that stress, hard work and carpal tunnel, I got this:

2008 nanowrimo image large

To commemorate the end of another novel, I wore my NaNoWriMo t-shirt to work today;

2008 nanowrimo tshirt

Now I need a very large cup of coffee, some donuts and sleep; not exactly in that order.

Next year, if I’m not swamped by school work, I think I’ll stick with Dean Winchester chick lit romance.

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NaBloPoMo Day #25: NanoWriMo Whingery #3

I’ve only got a little more than four thousand words to go and I have not been writing anything at all today. To make matters worse, I actually have this writing high going on right now and I can’t write yet because I actually have work to do.

The whole day was spent doing nothing but hanging out in the lab and reading The Hob’s Bargain by Patricia Briggs. I’ve not read a proper fantasy novel in a while and this one just dragged me into the plot from the word go. I had trouble putting down the book, which means that there was no writing to be had.

I write better at work. Don’t ask me why, it just happens. With various work stuff and the book, NO WRITING! ARGH!

As it is my novel is finally reaching the climax and I can finally finish it. I had to stop writing due to extreme exhaustion last night and it’s currently stuck just before the zombie attacks. Do you know what it’s like to stop just before and action sequence like that? It’s like having an action movie playing in my head and then pressing the pause button just as the sword is about to come down on the person’s head. So I’ve been walking around with this scene in my head the whole day. It’s giving me a headache.

Also, coffee who do you not work any more?! Even after having a relatively large cup from CBTL, there was no caffeine rush at all. Caffeine, why do you desert me so??!

Dammit, now I have to go back to work.

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NaBloPoMo Day #24: The Grumpy Morning Person

I’m a morning person. I’m always awake, latest by eight in the morning. Even though I’m most awake in the morning, I’m also the grumpiest and most irritable in the morning. It takes me a while to warm up, even with breakfast and coffee in my system.

That’s why I have a book and my iPod with me every morning, just to block out potential irritations that might occur during commute. I like my morning free from irritating voices, swinging hands, pushing people and inconsiderate morons. Basically, I like my mornings people free but that is rather hard to achieve when you have to take a packed to the brim, to go to work.

Even though I know that having the iPod turned up almost to full volume is definitely not good for the ears but it was the only thing I can do to block out this dude who was talking rather loudly in my ear, and knocking me in the shoulder with his elbow and pushing into my backpack.

I hate it when I come into a quiet office and someone else comes in and talks in a loud voice that I can hear every thing that is being said. It just irks me that my peace and quiet is being broken.

I guess I like my alone time more than anything else.

What about you? Are you a morning person?

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NaBloPoMo Day #23: My Grandma, Pt 3

My grandma ended up at the A&E again, for the second time in a month. She had not been able to eat proper meals or even take in fluid properly for two days now and we’re so worried. This morning, when she could not even take in even a little bit of fluid, we called the ambulance once again.

It was my first time riding in an ambulance and it was such a long one. I wanted to get my grandma to the hospital as soon as possible but we were caught in a traffic congestion on the highway. It was frustrating because the stupid drivers wouldn’t even let us pass through.

We went to Mt Alvernia instead of NUH since we know that there weren’t going to be that many people at the A&E there. We were right. Within half an hour, she was warded. I would prefer if we had gone back to NUH since we’re all familiar with the place but it was not my decision to make. Maybe I’m just uneasy with all the crucifixes around the hospital area.

Anyway, she has a chest infection. She’s getting antibiotics to counter that and I hope that she’ll be able to go home in a few days. The doctor wasn’t very positive about the outcome but we’re all hoping for the best.

It’s been a really long day.

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NaBloPoMo Day #22: Live Blogging From Geek Terminal NaNoWriMo Edition #2

I’ve missed the last two days of blogging. No excuses, just tired.

So anyway, I’m here at Geek Terminal, sharing a table with the Tech65 guys. I’m waiting for my MLs to turn up for the write in but my back is towards the door so I can see if they’ve come in yet.

I have a bottle of Italian soda and basket of calamari rings to snack on while I write.

I have my novel writing playlist on.

All in all, I hope it’ll be a good day. A good writing day.

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