Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Giving thanks

I’ve not done this in a while. Sometimes, when you’re bogged down by the bad stuff, you forget the good stuff that you’ve got and you forget to give thanks that you still have them.

Even though things at work aren’t spectacular, they are better; just enough to be bearable.

I’m thankful that I still have a paying job to contribute to my savings and for my daily expenditure.

I’m thankful that even though it had been slow, the next step in life is happening and it seems to be kicking up speed.

I’m thankful that despite the bad performance I’ve had at work, the company has been kind.

I’m thankful for my support system, made up of my family and friends; for being there when I was at my lowest and for helping in what ever way they can.

I’m thankful for my relatively good health and I’m going to make improvements to my diet and exercise to keep myself healthy and strong.

And I am most thankful for the joy, love and peace in my life.

Starting my week with thanks

Lately I’ve been gloating over stuff that I should be totally over with. However, without that incident, I wouldn’t have gotten the wonderful things in my life.

I read somewhere that God doesn’t give you what you want, only what you need. I didn’t realise what I needed until He gave it to me.

I know it gets a little old but I’m thankful for Dude. Thankful that he puts up with my little idiosyncracies with only a raised eyebrow. If you’d known me in person for more than 2 years, you’d see how much I’ve changed.

I’m thankful for NaNoWriMo; for showing me that yes, I can write a novel in a month. It’s not even a good novel but at least, I can look back at it in a few months and beat it into something that is more coherent and maybe, some day, get it published. NaNoWriMo also introduced to me to my wonderful friends who don’t judge, who are there when you need to talk to, people to bounce off writing ideas, people to do crazy ass shit with. Overall, awesome, awesome people whom I would never have met if it weren’t for NaNoWriMo.

I’m thankful for Twitter and Tumblr. I’ve ‘met’ a number of people with the same interests, similar passions and really interesting people in. All of that in the past year. Maybe it’s because I’m spending more time online or just that it happens that I’m finding more interesting people. What ever it is, I’m thankful that I’m learning a lot from Twitter on most days, and I’m thankful that there’s a whole lot of people on Tumblr that I can share my FEEELS with.

I’m thankful that while I may not be able to afford my dream home, I’ll be able to still afford a home. It’ll be a small one, a starter home I’d like to call it. Just big enough for us and our kids when they come a long. In the mean time, keep on saving!

There are more things that I’m thankful for but I’d leave it here for now.

Are you thankful for anything this week?