Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

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Harry Potter Day Live Blogging

Never tried live blogging before. So, here goes.

7:00am Front door opened in anticipation of the book delivery

7:01am Delivery is supposed to start now. Since I just stepped out of the shower. I need to go and put on some clothes too. Greeting the postman in my towel isn’t good.

7:11am still no sight of the postman. I know, there are so many people out there that they need to deliver to but still… I want my book now!

7:14am I heard sounds coming from the corridor but it just turned out to be something in the kitchen. Dammit!

7:17am The anticipation is killing me! I heard the lift ping on my floor and my heart started to race. I think I need a little distraction like, I don’t know, maybe the Goblet of Fire movie and some breakfast.

7:31am PD said her book arrived and I’m still waiting! No fair!

8:01am It’s been an hour and still haven’t gotten my book. Did they lose my address or something?

9:07am Still no book yet and GoF movie is almost over.

9:34am It’s starting to rain now. I can’t believe that I’m actually watching Prisoner of Azkaban.


I won’t be online for the next few days. I’m on a DH hiatus.

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This is What Happens When I Can’t Think Of Something Original To Write

It's pouring outside and almost everyone's left early. I still have another two hours before my yoga class and I'm feeling a little lonely. Here's a Friday Fill-In quiz where I'm still talking about Harry potter:

1. The scent of frying prathas and uncovered sewage makes me remember my childhood.

2. I like to use a lot of garlic and onions when I cook.

3. People talking about Harry Potter spoilers really pisses me off.

4. I've been thinking about Harry Potter lately.

5. The last song I heard that I liked was a song with Spanish words that I heard on radio a few days ago. I don't know the title of the song or who sang it, though.

6. I would love to have a picnic by starlight.

7. And as for the weeked, tonight I'm looking forward to tomorrow's release of Deathly Hallows, tomorrow my plans include waiting for the book and watching OoTP and Sunday, I want to watch Black sheep if I can make it! That is, if I can finish  the book by then.

So how do you like that?

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Yes I’m Still Talking About Harry Potter

So shut the fuck up.

You know how I’ve been going around saying that I don’t really care if Harry dies or lives because I’ve lost a lot of interest in the Harry Potter universe? I just discovered today, after having re-read 3/4 of HBP, that I do care if he survives in this last book. I care so much that I think I’ll cry if he dies. I don’t want him to die! *wails* I don’t want any of them to die.

I hope that the book delivers, answering all the questions and having a really good ending. I’m been very good at staying away from all the Harry Potter fan sites discussing everything about the book and the supposed spoilers. I don’t care if they’re just rumors, I DON’T want to know about it. The last book, I made the mistake of checking my LifeJournal friends page and some moron had scanned pages from the book and posted it up. So this time, I’m going to stay away from those sites.

I’ve already planned out what I’ll be doing on Saturday. Since the delivery starts at 7.01 am, I’m going to be up and early waiting for the post person. I really, really hope that they’ll deliver it bright and early so that I can get as much reading done before I go for my movie. I just hope that all this waiting will be worth it.

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Will I Ever Stop Talking About Harry Potter?

Update: Tickets to watch OoTP on Saturday have been booked! Harry Potter overload on Saturday I tell ya.

The answer is no. If you didn't already know (dude, which planet have you been on?), the book is coming out this Saturday. That's three days. Count it. One. Two. Three. How can I stop talking about Harry when I'm doing my best to re-read that last two books before Friday? Or when I dream about the damn books because I'm stupid enough to read them before going to bed? Or when MamaPop posted links to naked pictures of Daniel Radcliffe ( this and this)? Seriously, did you actually think I'll stop talking about it this week? Well, you just have to wait until after the 21st of July then. I may stop talking about Harry then.

So anyway, I finally finished Order of The Phoenix last night, finishing the last part of it (which was a third of the book) in four hours. I read very fast so deal with it. It's been four years since I last read the book, so is it strange that it makes me very sad when Sirius died? I'm actually sadder about it now than I was when I first read the book. Strange huh? Maybe it's due to the fact that I took my time reading it this time around instead of rushing to finish it, like the last time. Overall, I didn't think it was as bad as I thought it would be. It may not be one of my favourite books and Harry's definitely an irritating prick in the book, but I understand why he's so angsty and speaking in CAPITAL LETTERS ALMOST ALL THE FUCKING TIME. I might actually go back and re-read it again some time in the future.

I started on Half-Blood Prince (HBP) this morning and some how, I don't think Snape is evil. At least I hope he isn't but we'll see in book seven now won't we?

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On Reading OoTP, Pt 2

Remember this? Actually I lied. I hadn’t started re-reading the book yet when I wrote that entry. In actual fact, I only started last night. One thing I will never learn is NEVER TO READ A BOOK WITH MAGIC IN IT BEFORE BED. Why? I’ll tell you why. No one wants to dream about running away, wand in hand, from Voldermort. Watching the making of OoTP made it a little worse. Basically, the dream was like superimposing the scenes from the movie onto scenes from the book as I see it in my head. It’s damn confusing I tell you.

I never thought that I would ever do it but I actually lugged my hardcover edition of OoTP to work to day. It’s a whole kilogram (trust me, I weighed it) and I just lugged it to work, through the packed train and the walking in the sun. On top of that, I forgot how hooked I can get when I start reading HP, be it the books or the fanfic. So you can imagine how hard it was for me to put the book down when I got into the office.

Anyway, there’s much work to be done. Harry Potter will need to wait.

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Read On An Online Community

Seen in a picture of Gary Oldman as Sirius Black:

I fucking hate this jackass.

His fanbase repulses me.

Sirius Black isn’t a hero or a rebel. He’s a sad, petty jerk.

I’m glad he died . His existence was utterly pointless.

One of the comments received:


Well, it’s gonna suck for you when he comes back in Book 7, then.

You know, as Sirius the White.

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On Reading OoTP

Teenage-angst-Harry makes reading the 5th Harry Potter book a little hard. He’s so angry all the time and almost all of his dialogue are in capital letters. But I will press on. I need to finish the book by end of this week. Then I can start on the 6th book; which I have to finish by next Friday.

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