Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Grace In Small Things: #106 of 365

1) Caramel latte

2) Broadband on mobile

3) Little packets of Nutella

4) Having written half my short story in under 2 days (close to 3k words so far). (Yes I know that's not short. Shut up.)

5) The Oct/Nov project seems to be coming together.


Grace In Small Things: #102 of 365

1) Yogurt with muesli and a little of honey to sweeten it.

2) Hot Earl Grey tea to wash it all down.

3) No urgent emails in the inbox that demand instantaneous reply.

4) Another good book by Mercedes Lackey, Reserved For The Cat.

5) A 3 hr incubation time, allowing me to rest for a little bit before going back into the lab.