Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

This Was Actually More Interesting And Fun Than I Thought

spore con sign

The previous Saturday saw me and most of the Adventure Crew (Sarah, Avariel and Joelyn) going to the far east end of the island to attend SPORE Con. I’ve never been to a table top/board game convention before so this was bound to get exciting.

The main reason for us to attend was for the SFF (that’s Science Fiction & Fantasy for those of you who are scratching you head at that) Panel that Sarah and Rozen was on.

We arrived a few minutes late but it wasn’t too bad since everyone was just milling about. After a while, everyone settled down and Jolantru, the moderator, opened the panel.

the panel

It’s not common knowledge that we do have SFF writers in Singapore. It’s just that we’re like lone wolves, writing alone without a pack because we (yes, me included) don’t know how to get in touch with the other SFF writers out there. The only time I’ve ever seen so many SFF writers coming together is during NaNoWriMo and they usually disappear when it ends. It’s sad, isn’t it?

The panel discussed a number of things, like our writer identity. Would we want to be known as a Singapore Writer or just Writer? I’m opting for the latter. The discussions also covered the difficulty genre writers have trying to get their work published locally. Something needs to be done about this situation, but what?

After the panel came to a close, we went down to see the exhibits in the hall.

figurines 1figurines 2

There were figurines, board games and other things that I have no idea how to describe. It was pretty interesting. Sarah and I got to try a cooking style board game where we had to put in the ingredients in with one swift motion and hoping not to burn the food. I guess years of shaking tubes out of beakers really helped since I little trouble shaking the ingredients out.

warhammer 40k

There was a competition for Warhammer 40k (though for the life of me, I have no idea what kind of game that is). Noone was playing when we got there but the set up itself was very interesting.

Too bad that we couldn’t stay longer since Raven Silvers was waiting for us. I can’t wait for next year’s event.

The SPORE-Con was proudly brought to you by Paradigm Infinitum.

A Family That Games Together…

Will either make you laugh so much that you cry, or make you cry like a baby because your dad will take it too seriously and try his best to beat you to the ground and then stomp all over you.


After many, many years of coveting and longing for one, my family finally got ourselves a game console. A Wii to be exact. Sure, it’s not something with superbly good graphics where I can play Arkham Asylum (which by the way, I’ve been DYING to play), but it’s good enough for a family bonding activity. If the game play over the weekend were any indication, I think my dad is totally enjoying it hell of a lot more than my sisters and I are.

The Wii Sports and the Mario Kart that I got to go along with the console were a big hit with the sisters and the dad. Mum was just meh with the thing.

My dad, whose gaming experience is just limited to Puzzle Bobble-like games and various solitaire games on the computer, was totally thrashing my sisters and I at bowling, tennis and golf. The man, whose only work outs in the week were his weekly golf games, was jumping up and down trying to hit the virtual tennis ball in the screen. It was so funny to watch that I spent most of the time on the floor, clutching my tummy from laughing too much.

Later on, my youngest sister, Little Ms Green was rolling on the floor for a totally different reason. My dad had beaten her at tennis and she was just being a sore loser.

Then, we got him to try Mario Kart and my sister got her revenge, though I think that the only reason my dad didn’t win was due to him not being used to the controllers. I would say, give him a few more weeks and he’ll hand us our asses on a platter at every game we play. For an old guy, my dad sure picked up gaming really quick.

Next time, we’re going to see if he’ll ace the Wii Fit as well.

How Do You Know That You’re Obsessed With Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks?

1. You read obsessively about the game from all the game sites.

2. You read and re-read the walkthroughs regarding the parts that you get stuck.

3. You rant about not being able to kill the boss, everywhere.

4. Playing the game just before bedtime will make you dream of it. Everything, from boss fights to the monsters.

5. You go out and look for the soundtrack because, you know, the game isn't just enough.