Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Thanks HBO Asia

I know that this post is a week late but better late than never right?

Anyway, many months after I was invited to attend a preview screening of Game of Thrones, the lovely people at HBO Asia sent this to my doorstep.

Game of Thrones 1

A box. A faux leather box with the Game of Thrones design etched on it. I might have squealed a little when the delivery man handed me the box.

Game of Thrones 2

In the box was tiny replica of the Throne of Swords, a DVD set of the complete first season of Game of Thrones and a decree, to get ready for the second season of GoT. I’ve not gotten around to watching the DVD yet but I will, since I have time and all now.

So yes, HBO Asia is most awesome!

A Day Of Watching Superheroes

Instead of spending my day totally concentrating on doing my draft for my essay, I’d spent half of the time watching movies while at the same time, going through my points to write up for that essay (which is due this Thursday and I’ve not written it out yet). That’s actually how I do my school work; with the tv on, my computer logged onto the web and my papers every where.

Anyway, being a comic book fan, it’s not a surprise that I’d watch the cartoon versions of the comic books too.

justice league: crisis on two earthsjustice leage: the new frontier

Justice League: The New Frontier was based on the graphic novel of the same title. All the characters are from the Golden Age era.

Basically, it’s how the different superheroes come together to form a league to work with the governments to protect the earth. Standard superhero stuff.

Here’s the trailer:

Having read Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis, I already knew that there were multiple parallel universes, the different Earths where you might have the same characters and yet, they’re can be totally different from what we’re used to.

This little movie was entertaining but not as good, in my opinion, as Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Though this could just be my own bias since I’m a Batman fan and especially, animated Batman that’s voiced by Kevin Conroy.

So yes, that’s what I did most of yesterday.

NaBloPoMo Day #4: Dethklok And Coffee

When I said yesterday that I was going to watch Metalocalypse, I really did and I enjoyed every single episode (especially seeing the WTF look on my aunt’s face). I should just stop arguing with the significant other about music and just listen to what he suggests because that man happens to know more about what I like in music than I do.

For the uninitiated, Melatolcalypse is an American animated television series on Adult Swim created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha. Of course I got this off Wikipedia since you know, it’s the repository of everything trivia. It’s got short episodes, about eleven minutes or so each and death metal music.

Sure, some people might not understand why I like watching such DVDs so early in the morning but hey, I don’t question when you add chocolate milk to your Koko Krunch so get of my back about my DVD taste.

Anyway, the first episode is about coffee, which is fitting since I’m on my way to being an unrepentant coffee addict. The coffee jingle that they made in the first episode has been my ear worm of the day and sure enough, I did have some coffee earlier.

Here’s how it sounds like:

Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle by Dethklok

Do you folks like coffee?
Real coffee?
From the hills of Colombia?

The Duncan Hills will wake you
From a thousand deaths
A cup of Blackened Blood
(Dying, dying)
You’re dying for a cup

Guatemalan blend
French vanilla roast
(Dying, dying)
You’re dying for a cup

Prepare for ultimate flavor
You’re gonna get some — NOW!
And scream for your cream

(guitar solo)

Duncan! Hills! Duncan! Hills! Duncan! Hills! Coffee!

Cool huh?

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