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Why Yes, I Do Read Comic Books : Power Girl #1 – #12

I’m a comic book reader and I’m proud of it. I may not be a hard-core comic book reader like some of my friends but I do have my favourites, mostly everyone and everything related to the Bat-family.

A while back, Sarah introduced me to Powergirl (PG). I’ve seen her around and about the different Crises series but I don’t really know that much about her. I picked up A New Beginning, the trade paperback collection of issues #1-6 and immediately liked it. On Saturday, I managed to pick up Aliens and Apes, the collection of issues #7-#12, and I loved it even more.

A New BeginningAliens and Apes

So what do I really think of the series so far?

The art is amazing! I love that PG’s emotions are all conveyed in her facial expression. You don’t need the dialogue to know that she’s pissed off or worried. It’s all in her face.

The writing is not only hilarious but it’s very believable. The dialogues are smart, witty and I wish that more comics out there have amazing writing as this.

One of my most favourite parts in the volume 1 of the trade collection is the cameo appearance of the guys from The Big Bang Theory in Powergirl #4.


I thought that they looked familiar as I was reading it and it only hit me who the guys were a couple of seconds later. Howard was totally in character and he got shot down by PG most spectacularly.

Volume 2 of the trade collection also had some gems, like this interaction between PG and Vartox in #7.

Seduction musk

PG’s expression in that last panel had me laughing so hard in the train that I had to stop reading and control my laughter fits as the lady standing opposite me was giving me strange looks. See what I mean by her face being full of expression? She looks like she was going to hit Vartox in the face, which she did much later.

I totally enjoyed issues #1-12 immensely and I’m starting to love this series very much. At the end of issue 12, Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, the writers and artist, left the series and were replaced by writer Judd Winick and artist Sami Basri. I’ve not read beyond issue #12 so I do not know how different the story line is like. However, I will most definitely pick up my copy of the next trade collection when it’s out in June, just so that I can make a comparison.

I’d totally recommend this to anyone who loves witty characters, amazing art and a really good storyline.

A Better Library Experience

the sandman vol 1-3

A while back I mentioned that the library makes me cry and I’ve lamented to everyone who would listen how annoying it is to be at the library due to the running, screaming children whom their parents can’t seem to control. However, my last few library visits have been wonderfully nice.

Let me start with why I was at the library at the first place. In recent years, my reading material had changed, going from the usual genre of romance to various other speculative and genre fiction. Recently, I’ve taken to reading graphic novels and I’m so glad that the library has had an increasing number of graphic novels in their collection.

I have more than a few comic book fans among my Twitter list and they’re always good with giving suggestions for comic books to start on. One of those is Fray by Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.


I’ve heard nothing but good things about the series and it just so happened that I found a copy at the library.

Another series that had a really good recommendation was Fables. I grabbed the first two volumes of the series and I was hooked.

fables vol 1-3

Now that National Library has an application on Facebook that allows members to check the availability, recommend the books and even make reservations, it makes getting books from the library a lot easier than it used to be. It definitely makes my library experience a lot better; not only do I get the book that I want but also, not spend too long looking for it and having to endure noisy children.

Meeting Gail Simone (And Crying)

When the guests lists for the Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention (STGCC) was released, my friends were superbly excited that Gail Simone was coming for the con. I’ve read her works and I love the way she writes, so I was just as excited.

On the opening day of the convention, I met with Joelyn and we headed to the con to meet Sarah who was already there as a volunteer, so that I can pass her my copy of Wonder Woman: The Circle so that she can help me get it signed by Gail Simone the next day, just in case I miss the signing session.

As we were walking around the hall, looking at the different booths, Sarah said to me, “Turn around.”

I turned and there Gail was, standing and talking to people. We went up to her and asked if she would mind signing my comic book. I handed her the book and burst into tears. It was so embarrassing for both Gail and myself. It was the biggest fan girl moment of my life.

I seriously did not expect the tears and I was so damn embarrassed, but Gail was such a good sport. She signed my book and even let us take a picture with her.

Me and Gail
Photo courtesy of Seriously Sarah

If you clicked on the picture to embiggen it, you’ll see that I still have the tears in my eyes when we took the photo. Fangirl much?

Anyway, I managed to arrive at the con on time for Gail Simone’s signing session. As I was queueing up to see her, she walked by and I started crying again. It was mucho embarrassing but I got my tears under control by the time it was my turn and managed to tell her coherently that even though I don’t have anything for her to sign that day, we, the HSWG, had something for her instead. We passed her a copy of Happiness At The End of the World and Bubble G.U.M., signed by all the writers involved so that she can have something to remember us by (as if having a crying fan handing her comic book to get signed isn’t memorable enough).

me and gail 2

So, it was the most awesome thing to happen to me that weekend. I really hope that she’ll come back soon and that we don’t have to wait another four years for us to see her again on our shores. I can promise that I won’t cry the next time I see her. Really!

A Day Of Watching Superheroes

Instead of spending my day totally concentrating on doing my draft for my essay, I’d spent half of the time watching movies while at the same time, going through my points to write up for that essay (which is due this Thursday and I’ve not written it out yet). That’s actually how I do my school work; with the tv on, my computer logged onto the web and my papers every where.

Anyway, being a comic book fan, it’s not a surprise that I’d watch the cartoon versions of the comic books too.

justice league: crisis on two earthsjustice leage: the new frontier

Justice League: The New Frontier was based on the graphic novel of the same title. All the characters are from the Golden Age era.

Basically, it’s how the different superheroes come together to form a league to work with the governments to protect the earth. Standard superhero stuff.

Here’s the trailer:

Having read Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis, I already knew that there were multiple parallel universes, the different Earths where you might have the same characters and yet, they’re can be totally different from what we’re used to.

This little movie was entertaining but not as good, in my opinion, as Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Though this could just be my own bias since I’m a Batman fan and especially, animated Batman that’s voiced by Kevin Conroy.

So yes, that’s what I did most of yesterday.

Ladies Who Read Comics…

Are the sexiest ones. Or so they tell me.

batman & robin all starssupernatural origins

28th of August was the Read Comics In Public Day and seeing that my friends and I are big fans of comic books, we decided to do just that and take pictures of ourselves and do what we do best; post the pictures online.

I met Raven Silvers, Seriously Sarah, Joelyn Alexandra and Avariel at train station as we’d planned to go to The Mind Cafe for a day of crazy gaming and comic book reading. Everyone either brought their own comics or borrowed it from those of us who have too many.

reading The Long Halloweenjoelyn reading Fantastic Fables

I brought with my The Long Halloween. It’s been in my to-read pile for almost a whole year and I thought, this would be the best time to get my reading done. It was a good read and I think I should get the others in the series.

Joelyn didn’t bring a comic book of her own so Avariel lent her the extra one that she brought.

reading Empoweredreading Fullmetal Alchemist

Sarah decided to go with Empowered Vol 4. I’m not sure what’s so special about that particular issue. I do have the first two volumes of Empowered but I’ve yet to read it. That seems like a habit with me.

Manga does qualify as comic books too and that was what Avariel read. She brought with her one of the issues with the original covers of Fullmetal Alchemist. I must say that I’ve never read the manga since my sister preferred the anime over the book.

One of the main reasons why we did this was to get more people, especially the ladies, to start reading comics. Comics aren’t just for pre-pubescent boys and nerds. They’re for everyone and please, if you tell me that it’s only for males, I will smack your face so hard, you’ll look like Little Nicky.

Anyway, here are more ladies who read comics. So ladies, don’t feel alone. There are more of us out there than you realise. All you need to do is just to reach out and contact us.

Sidenote: I read Final Crisis yesterday and it was a total mind-fuck. I had a headache when I finished it.

Free Comic Book Day 2010

Every first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day. I’ve missed out on the last few so I was determined to not miss it again. It’s free comic books, how can I miss it, right? I met Raven Silvers, Sarah and Avariel for our caffeine boost before we made our way down to the comic book store.

G&B is the only local participating comic shop, so we knew we had to go early to get a decent queue number. Non-members get to collect 5 free comic books, while members get to collect 10. It goes without saying that I signed up for membership with G&B just for that alone.

We arrived at the shop at half past 11 and there was already a queue. The event was supposed to start at noon and there were at least twenty people ahead of us. As the waiting progressed, more and more people came and as predicted, us ladies were outnumbered by at least 5:1 by the male of the species.

question & capt america
Photo courtesy of Seriously Sarah

Anyway, other than the free comics, members who turned up in the G&B t-shirts get extra freebies and even more freebies for those who turn up as superheroes. Sarah, being the hardcore fan/cosplayer that she is, dressed up as Renee Montoya aka The Question. Having never seen how one gets into character in a cosplay, it was very fascinating for me to watch her put on her wig and other accessories to become the character. I would have dressed up as Supergirl but I didn’t have the time to make the costume, so I just wore the t-shirt instead.

war of the supermendc kids

When the opened the doors, we made our way in and while waiting for our turn to pick up the laid out free comics, we overheard a mother telling her children, “There doesn’t seem to be any comics for girls.” We rolled our eyes at that but then, we’re not your typical females either.

There were so many to choose from but I chose mostly DC comics like the War of the Supermen and the DC Kids Mega Sampler. I managed to get a copy of the Storm Lion comics and got it autographed.

batman & robin all starssupernatural origins

Other than the free comic books that I picked up, I also picked up Supernatural Origins and All Star Batman & Robin as there was a sale of a sort going on that day.

I finished Supernatural Origins last night and I have to say that it doesn’t really add anything much to the beginning to the show, though it did show how John Winchester becoming a hunter. Not enough Dean and Sam stories though.

superhero card

We hung around for the crowd to thin out before we went in for a second round to browse through the books on sale. I didn’t find the other ones that I wanted so I just settled for the two that I picked up. Before we left, I picked up my G&B membership card, so now, I’m a certified superhero!

I had a lot of fun and for once, I’m not the lonely female person going a little crazy over comic books. With the Free Comic Book Day done, the next thing I’m looking forward to is for my pre-ordered comics to come in this month.

Dear DC Comics, Part II

You’re like a siren, beckoning sailors to their doom. I can’t resist your call and whenever I go to a book store, I can’t help but gravitate towards the graphic novels section just to salivate and paw through your collection.

Damn you for making it damn near impossible to let go of those Batman comics. You basically waved The Dark Knight Returns in my face before dragging me by the hair towards the other stacks of comics and pulled out The Dark Knight Strikes Again. You bastard. Not only that, when I was minding my own business at Gramophone, you dragged my eyes to exactly where the one and only copy of the second season of Batman Beyond was tucked away. You know how much I loved that series and you had to make me see it sitting there all lonely, waiting for someone to take it home.

I still hate you even though you make really cool graphic novels.

Still no love,

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