Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Mid afternoon break

I was hungry and I wanted coffee. So I walked out to the nearest coffee place with decaf, since the caf├ęs near the office do not carry decaf.

It started to rain when I arrived so I had a bagel to go with my coffee.

I should get back soon since I need to keep my samples into the fridge.

Good thing I have an umbrella.

Dear Coffee

Cafe Latte
Photo bykkmarais

Dear Coffee,

I seem to have a love/hate relationship with you. Right now, I’m so full of love for you that I don’t know how I’m going to deal with not having you around when Ramadan rolls in next month.

How am I to wake myself up and start the gruelling day at work if I can’t have you? Heck, I can’t even have your sister, tea. No caffeine fix for me in the day and you know that I can’t have you in the evening either. It’s not that I can’t sleep but the caffeine-fuelled dreams are never restful.

I’m going to miss the sweet, bitter scent of you, especially since I found a cheaper alternative to the horrendously expensive local coffee at the food court near the office.

I may not have you often due to the fact that too much caffeine reduces the amount of iron my body absorbs, and that’s bad for regular blood donors like me, but that doesn’t make me love you any less.

And so my love, I shall see you again in September, when the fasting month ends and the celebration for Eid begins.

Much Love,


Coffee time
Image from antwerpenR

I love coffee. I love everything about it; the taste, the smell and even the different types of it. Even the effects of caffeination is something I enjoy.

I speak really fast.

I ramble.

I feel like dancing to anything catchy (I would too, if I was alone).

I feel like writing.

I feel like running around and just doing silly things

What I don’t like is the effect of a caffeine crash.

That’s when I can’t breathe, I can’t hear very well, I get palpitations, the shakes and on rare occasions, the runs.

That still doesn’t stop me from drinking a heck load of coffee, I’m an addict that way.

All About Coffee

starbucks coffee

As part of the Congo River Art Exhibition, the Asian Civilization Museum, in collaboration with Starbucks Singapore, held a coffee appreciation class. If anyone has read this blog for some time, you’d realise how much I luuurve coffee, so I could not resist the urge and signed up for the class, since there were a limited number of seats available.

This was not the first coffee appreciation class that I’ve been to but it was the first, rather comprehensive one. Starbucks usually does their coffee appreciation classes at their respective outlets and from what I can recall of the last one, I do not think that they did such a region-centric breakdown of the different types of beans

The class was held at the basement of the museum and as we (Sarah, Joelyn and later, Raven Silvers) could smell the freshly brewed coffee all the way from the staircase. We sat down and waited for the class to start, since majority of the attendees were a little late.


The two Starbucks reps who were there started the class with the origins of the coffee beans. I scored myself a free drink voucher for answering their question which is rather easy once you’ve read this a couple of times.

The best part of the whole thing is of course, the tasting bit. We were told to slurp the coffee, to spray it throughout our mouths and then think of where the taste of the coffee lands on the tongue. One of the ladies who attended could not stop laughing because of the slurping. I think she’s just not used to being a little uncouth in public but for the sake of coffee, she tried her best and I think she started enjoying the coffee tasting after that.

We got to taste coffees made from beans from three different regions, Mexico, Kenya and Sumatra. Out of the three that I tasted, I love the Sumatran coffee the best; it’s full of flavour and not acidic at all and I would gladly drink it black. Since I usually take my coffee with milk and sugar, that’s actually saying a lot.

paired food

We were then introduced to food that pair very well with the different types of coffees; chocolate walnut brownie for the Mexican, grapes fro the Kenyan and the butter almond cake for the Sumatran. Each type of food not only complements the basic taste of the different coffee types but also cuts down on the bitterness. It was amazing how the taste changes slightly when you mix it with the food.


By the end of the class, all of us would have finished at least half a cup of each type of coffee. I’m not sure about the other attendees but there wasn’t enough caffeine in the coffee I drank to keep me up, so I slept really well that night. After the class, I’m actually considering in investing in a stove-top espresso (or a latte/cappuccino) maker, just so that I can have good coffee everyday.

Some time in March, they’re going to have another event for the Congo River Exhibit. Do check out the Asian Civilisation Museum site for more info.

Dear Coffee

Dear Coffee,

I love you. I love the way you taste and the way you make me feel after I’ve had a cup of you. I love the smell of you and I’m always amazed at the different flavours that you come in. I may not know anything much about how you’re made or the different types of beans that you come in but I love you just the same.

The only problem I have with you is that you’re expensive. Seriously. Even the foodcourt sock-filtered version of you has just gotten more expensive. Does this means that I have to pay more just to enjoy you or do I have to switch to a less tasty but affordable version of you, just for the same kick?

I just hope that the price of you won’t go up anymore or I wouldn’t be able to afford to have you everyday.


Doing Anything For Coffee

On Sundays, I would normally roll around in bed until about eight before flopping down on the couch in the living room to watch some Japan Hour and that Korean show. However, last Sunday was a totally different matter.

A cousin of mine informed my sister and I that the Starbucks branch where he was working, was having a coffee presentation. He didn’t have to work hard to convince us to go, well, me mostly since my sister could care less about coffee.

I was up at the crack of dawn and after a quick breakfast, we made our way down to The Cathay.

As usual, we were early so we sat down with a cup of chai tea latte and a mango passionfruit blend. By the time we finished our drinks, it was time for the coffee presentation.

They were introducing the House Blend and the correct way to steep coffee using a french press.

Did you know...
What you didn’t know about the House Blend.

According to the Coffee Master, the best temperature for coffee is just under boiling. He said to turn off the kettle once the water has boiled and allow the water to stand for a short while. The coffee must be freshly ground to give the best taste. The coffee was allowed to steep for about four minutes before depressing the plunger. The coffee must be drunk within twenty minutes to retain the freshness.

After explaining how to make the coffee, he taught us the proper way to appreciate it.

How to drink coffee
Yes, there are proper steps to drinking coffee.

There was much slurping and tasting and I definitely enjoyed the free coffee.

We were then asked to describe what we tasted.

Describing the tastes

At the end of the presentation, each of us were given a gift that included a Coffee Passport, a lollipop and a pen.

Door gifts

I thoroughly enjoyed the coffee presentation, not only because I had free coffee, but because … well, ok, because of the free coffee. The presentation left me feeling that I needed to get that french press right now but it’s a good thing I didn’t get it since I didn’t have a coffee grinder either.

So for my birthday, I’m requesting the following (because I’m shameless and too cheap to go and get it myself):

* 2 cup fresh press
* a good coffee grinder
* unlimited amounts of good coffee beans
* milk frothing thing
* a hot guy to make coffee for me every day

How about that? Do you think I’ll get all of it for my birthday?

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