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Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Live Blogging From Geek Terminal : Writer’s Edition

I’m here at Geek Terminal with my fellow writers, meeting with an editor who can help us get out stuff published. Well, the other guys I mean, since I haven’t gotten my crap together to get my novel off the ground.

It’s an interesting meeting and it gives me hope that one day I can get my novel published.

At this present moment, I don’t have time to edit it but one day.

I’m not really doing anything writerly here at this Happy Smiley Writers’ Group meeting but I’m a moral support giver. It may not be my time yet but I know that when my time comes to publish something, I know that they’ve got my back.

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Layout Changing. Again.

It’s been one of those days. I didn’t get any work done. Well, unless you include in the changing of the blog layout. Even then, I’m not really happy about it. I might just change it again. I’m fickle like that.

Due to my fickleness and my inability to code from scratch, I usually ripoff get my layout from a repository. Most of the time, I can’t find one that I like. Sucks, huh?

Usually when I’m in this whole layout-changing mood, I don’t eat, I’m grumpy and just not great company (not that I am most of the time).

If only I can put in as much focus on my own work, it would be so much better.

Time to go back to the layout thing. Again.

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Popping My SMB Cherry

After missing out on the first two Social Media Breakfast events, I was determined not to miss out on the third one even though I was still coughing badly. Besides, SMB3 was held at the Asian Civilisations Museum. How could I say no?

When I got to the venue, there were already a number of people mingling and getting to know each other. I saw some familiar faces like Nicole, DK, Claudia and the guys from Tech65; Daniel, NTT, Jerrick and Farinelli. There were more than few new faces too. I got to meet wonderful new people like Yuhui, Cullen and Ssumin. It was also nice to finally put a face to the people I’ve been Plurking with; Clauds and sm7catscan.

The agenda for the day was Blogger Outreach. I’m sure we were supposed to discuss how a company would and should go about doing that, I think that by bring all the bloggers, ad and PR companies together in an event such as this, is the first step. The next step is up to the companies I guess. Pat Law wrote an awesome post on how to pitch to the bloggers.

Overall, I thought it was an interesting experience. Some of the discussions went over my head but then, I’m not in the marketing/business line, so I wouldn’t really understand. I had a good time though, meeting new people and going to the museum. Too bad, by end of the event, I was breathless and weak from the coughing that I couldn’t go around the museum to look at the exhibits. Kudos to Daryl for organising the event. I hope I get to attend the next SMB.

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How Do You Blog?

There are so many different blogging styles and the different things that people blog about; the tech stuff, recipes, life in general and politics. Lately, I’ve read a few blogs that have very insightful, posts with such deep meaning that it goes way above my head and what I term as ‘normal’ posts, the ones that are light and fluffy, full of hilarious anecdotes and snark. I love me a good snark.

All of this made me think, why can’t I write like that? Why can’t I be all deep and thoughtful? I tried to do it but it only lasts for five minutes because after five minutes of deep pondering, my brain screamed for fun, joy, laughter and silly things. That’s how my brain is I guess. It’s full of fluff and fantasy, extremely vivid imagination and loads of silly, useless things. This is not to say that I can’t be all deep and thoughtful when I have to be, I can, it’s just that I can never find the words to express what I feel without sounding pompous or incoherent or both, so why try when other people can do it so much better than I can?

My blogging style is simple. I have verbal diarrhoea (thank God for spell check because I can never spell that word correctly). On top of that, I seem to have the gift for non sequitur, so the flow of things jump around a lot. Also, I can’t for the life of me spell/type correctly and don’t start on my grammatical errors. In short, I don’t re-read what I type because I think it takes too long. Personally, I think my internal editor disappears for most of the year and only comes back when in November when I’m doing NaNoWriMo, that bastard.

Anyway, I talk about the normal things like movies (which I don’t review because that’s just useless), the music I like (which I normally just embed videos. I heart YouTube) and food (which being Singaporean, is a must). Simple stuff really since I’m a simple person at heart, though I’ve been told that I’m complicated but I digress.

So, in keeping with my bogging style and also to celebrate my 500th post (yup, this is the 500th post. YAY!), I present to you my latest online purchase: a dress! Yes, I do wear dresses, not often but I do wear them. Studiofrost had some really pretty dresses that I couldn’t say no to.

I know that the colour is a little boring, being black and all, but I’m not fashionista so I always get colours that are easy to match. The material is soft and flowy, making it very comfortable. It looks a little crumpled since it just came out of the package. So what do you think? Isn’t it pretty?

I might have to pay closer attention to the updates that they have (I’m on the mailing list). I can’t wait to wear the dress out.

P.S This has got to be the longest post I’ve ever done that doesn’t involve lists.

P.P.S If you see any spelling/grammatical errors, it’s because I’m just too lazy to fix it. Actually, I’m just too lazy to re-read the post.

P.P.P.S This really is a long post.

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Taking My Writing Offline

A post that Ridz did about keeping a writing journal inspired me to do the same and so far, I’ve enjoyed the writing exercise that I’ve been doing almost nightly.

It feels very freeing to be able to say what is on my mind without fear of judgement, or hurting any one’s feelings and just say what I’m thinking or feeling without holding back. Lately, I find that I’ve been self-censoring my blog more and more that I’ve been bottling up a lot of emotion, both good and bad. I’ve been known to blow up at the most inopportune moment because all that bottled up emotions just erupted unexpectedly. So having this journal gives me an outlet to express those emotions that I don’t normally share with other people.

For me, the written journal is like a dumping ground for all my verbal diarrhoea. I write down everything that goes through my head at that present moment, like a stream of consciousness kind of thing. It helps through those days when I have writer’s block or when I need to just write and I don’t think that it’s suitable for public consumption. It’s a good way to get the story juices flowing too. I really hope that this will help with the story process for NaNoWriMo.

So, what do you think of keeping a journal offline?

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Happy Blog Birthday!

Nicole’s post reminded me of a very important date in my blogging life.

Today marks my second year with this blog; a blog I created because I was tired of the old one and because I had the two-year blogging itch.

It’s been four years since I discovered this wonderful world of blogging and I hope that I’ve come a long way since those early years of whining and whinging. Ok, so I still whine but hopefully, not that much. Hopefully, there will be less depressing/emo/OMG-listen-to-me-whine-because-my-life-it-is-hard kind of posts because, seriously, no one enjoys reading that. (Unless you’re an emo kid but them what the hell are you doing here?!) From now on, it’s all going to be about fun, fun FUN! Or not. We’ll see.

So anyway, here’s to another year of blogging. May it be more fun, healthier emotionally and mentally and much, much happier.

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