Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Counting Down The Days

Half the year has gone and as the second half starts, I start counting down the days; to the end of my time working at my current work place, the start of my life as a wife and the start of my responsibilities at the new work place.

A friend of mine said that I, like her, seem to do things the bandaid way. Why string out the pain slowly, just rip the bandaid off quickly at one go?

I didn’t plan to have everything happen at the same time. It just so happened that it all seems to happen in the same month.

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Ukulele, making music again.

Last Saturday, my friends and I went for a ukulele workshop at Ukulele Movement. We were lucky enough to get into the second workshop since the seats were selling out fast.

It’s been a long time since I’ve actually played music with a group of people and to get that chance again, and learning something new, was going to be exciting. I didn’t know what to expect but turned up at the shop at the crack of dawn 10am with only a bite of breakfast and a lovely cup of coffee from Loysel’s Toy (it was in the same building) and found that the room was already almost filled. We sat down at the back of the room and flipped through the music sheets that were given out to everyone.

I’ve not practiced playing my ukulele in a very long while so I had to quickly remember my chords but of course, the fingers wouldn’t cooperate. We warmed up and had our first lesson of the morning.
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Memories Of The Science Centre


When I was in school, nothing excited me more than a field trip. It meant that we get to go out of the class and not be stuck listening to sometimes boring teachers. The Science Centre has always been a favourite of mine because it’s so interactive.


I love running around the different exhibits and smooshing all the buttons. Back then, we didn’t know you’re supposed to be patient and wait for something to happen before pressing all the buttons to see what happens. Of course, nothing worked when we did that so we kept running from one exhibit to another, doing exactly the same thing.

While I was doing some spring cleaning I found something that brought back a lot of memories.


I found a Young Botanist badge that was part of the Young Scientist Program. I don’t know if it belongs to be or one of my sisters since we have a tendency to misplace tiny things like that. I had a Young Botanist and a Young Zoologist badge when I was in school. I didn’t have time to complete the Young Astronomer one before I headed to secondary school.

I think that most of my peers would have tried for at least one of these badges and like what Seriously Sarah said, it’s the original Gotta Catch ‘Em All!. I definitely learned a lot from doing the activities on the card and I think that was the whole point of it.

Apparently, this program is still done even now, though I wouldn’t know how active it is. It’s interesting programs like this and the entire experience of growing with the Science Centre that I’d love to share with my future children one day. It’s sad that some of the exhibits seem to always be under maintenance but I guess having hundreds of kids running around almost every day, smooshing all the buttons, will do that.

I’d love to see the Science Centre continue growing and being a wonderful educational place for our future generation.

Escaping From Werewolf Village

Over the weekend, my friends and I were at the Real Escape Game event again. Previously, we attempted to escape from the Mysterious Cathedral. This time, we tried escaping from Werewolf Village.

Werewolf village flyer

I had so much fun the last time I attended the game, I decided to bring Dude with me, this time around. We met up with Jo, Raven, Sarah and Avarielle at the Scape Warehouse, where the event was held.

Raven, Dude and I were in the same group while Sarah, Jo and a few others formed another team. We shared a table with a group of Japanese expats and they were really awesome. Since Raven and I managed to escape the last time, we hoped that we can do it again.

We were shown and a video.

Then, we were given and hour to solve the puzzles and work out the clues to get the answer to the final question.

It was so much tougher this time around. While there was some difficulty in communicating with my Japanese group mates as they were not very comfortable in speaking in English but they breezed through the puzzles amazingly.

Our group was only 3 steps behind solving the final question when time was up and we were ‘killed’ by the werewolves. However, 4 teams managed to ‘escape’ and that’s actually more than all the different sessions of the game combined.

The game was fun and apparently they’ll be coming up with a third installment soon. You can check it out here if you want to know more about the game.

When we were all released from the warehouse, we took a group picture with all our friends just for the memories.

group 1

Thanks Sarah for the picture.

I can’t wait for the next one.

Things I’ve Been Up To

Other than school stuff, I’ve been up doing other things.

I went to the Page One closing down book sale and came back with the largest book haul I’ve made in a long while.

book haul

I drank a lot of coffee

coffee 1coffee 2

I bought a concert ukulele and watched my friends jam with one of the guys from Ukulele Movement.

ukulele 1ukulele 2

I watched a Heng Hua puppet show at the Asian Civilisations Museum.

heng hua puppets

Sarah made marshmello nutella cake which we had at an impromptu picnic before the puppet show.

marshmellow nutella cake

My friends and I formed a ukulele band.

ukulele band

I drank more coffee.

coffee 3

And I donated blood.

blood donation

That’s what I’ve been up to in the month of February.

The Day I Went Out And Did Girlie Things

I don’t shop a lot, unlike some of my peers. I usually only go out to get stuff when I needed them or when there’s a sale that I just can’t say no to. So when I saw the promo below, I can’t resist.

La Senza Sassy Savings

Since my friends were going to be in town anyway, might as well get my little shopping trip done and meet them for dinner. So we spent some time at the lingerie shop and I had to resist the urge to blow my entire pay on lady items, and so after much internal debate, I settled on the ones that I wanted most and left.

We walked around the mall for a little bit, while waiting for Sarah to be done with her workshop, Jo, Avariel and I did some window shopping.

We ended up at New Look where I couldn’t resist on trying out some shoes.


I didn’t get any of them in the end as I couldn’t justify getting them and I didn’t really have a reason to. Also, since I don’t have any outfits that would match the brown shoes that I was lusting after. I did however found the perfect thing to give my sister as a birthday present.

After Sarah rendezvoused with us at the mall, we headed out to Arab Street for dinner. I saw that there was a new Turkish place (Derwish, 60 Bussorah St) that took over the premises that was the former Chicken Champ.


The d├ęcor was very nice and rather classy. After a quick glance through the menu, we decided to start the meal with hummus.


It was good. Not runny like some places, with a strong spiced taste. I’d have preferred if it was a tad more garlicky but eh, it was wonderful.

Jo and I decided on a spinach pide and sucuk pide, which is a Turkish pepperoni pide, respectively.


My sucuk pide was basically a breakfast pizza of sorts as it had pepperoni, egg and cheese on bread. It was good but it would have been better, to me anyway, if it was a little more spiced. Jo’s spinach pide was delicious and it tasted even better when dipped in the hummus.

Avariel had the Iskender set which was really, really good; thinly sliced lamb over a bed of toasted bread and covered with their spiced tomato sauce and yoghurt. Sarah had the Beyeti, which was lamb wrapped in pastry and covered in delicious gravy.

I would totally recommend the Iskender, the Beyeti and the spinach pide, if you ever go there.

We had a pre-dessert dessert by trying out their rice pudding.

rice pudding

The rice pudding at Derwish is good but I prefer the one at Anatolia.

After dinner, we headed out to the gelato place that we passed by earlier, Gelato Di Posto Storico. Jo and Sarah had a scoop of gelato each, Avariel tried the tea that she found most interesting, while I had an affogato.


I’ve been wanting to try it for the longest time, just never got around to getting it. The large scoop of vanilla gelato had crushed bits of Oreo cookies on it and drowned in a shot of espresso. The coffee was good, even without the gelato; with the gelato, it tasted even better. I was disappointed that they didn’t have decaf coffee but I think the affogato wouldn’t have tasted as wonderful if it was decaf.

I would most definitely want to go back to try out the gelato flavours that I saw, like mint, salted caramel and coconut.

It was a really good day out with awesome friends and even though I’ll be getting busier from this week onwards, I hope that I get to do this again soon.

Reliving Our Heritage Along The Footpaths

heritage along footpaths 1

The previous weekend, my friends and I dropped by the Heritage Along Footpaths event organised by the National Heritage Board. It’s an event to showcase some of the disappearing trades that used to be a common sight along the footpaths in the good old days. These trades include the cobblers, barbers, ice ball sellers, fortune tellers and kachang puteh sellers.

You can still find some of these trades around the island but they’re few and far between, so having this event was very interesting and educational for those of us who’s never seen them before.

We were told to bring enough coins to spend for the day and so we did.

heritage along footpaths 2

Everything at the event ranged between 20c to 50c and we might have gone a little overboard at the kacang puteh stall.

It was a very humid day and the ice ball was a wonderful treat.

heritage along footpaths 3

The shaved ice was compacted into a fist-sized ball and coloured syrup was poured over it, making it look very much like an ice kachang, except that it’s not in a bowl and doesn’t have any read beans or other things in it.

My grandmother used to tell stories of how they used to buy these ice balls when my mum and aunts were children. Back in the 40s and 50s, these ice balls used to cost 5c or less and they used to just wrap them up in news paper or sometimes, nothing at all. Kids would sit and enjoy these ice treats, sucking out the syrup and then throwing the ice at each other when they’re done.

The sugar syrup left use with stained hands, lips and even our faces but we didn’t care because it’s not often that we get to have ice balls.

When we were there, there wasn’t anyone at the barbers. I would have gone but I didn’t need a haircut nor do I think do they cater to women.

heritage along footpaths 4

I remember as child, back when I was still living Malaysia, I’d follow my babysitter to his barber for his haircut. I’d sit quietly, watching the barber trim my Abah’s short hair, giving him a shave and even doing a shoulder massage. I know that my late grandfather used to go to these barbers too.

When Dude told me that he needed a haircut, I suggested that he go to one of these barbers but he refused, something to do with wanting to keep his ears. Pffft, as if the barbers would cut them off.

I would have taken more pictures but I was too preoccupied with my lovely ice ball to be taking anymore. Not even when we got our fortunes told at the Indian gentleman’s table. His cute little parrot/parakeet (I’m really bad at bird identification), came out of it’s cage and picked out our fortune card from the pack.

The entire event was an interesting and educational experience and I hope that more such events would be held, just so that we don’t lose these old trades.