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Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Good food vs comfort food, a journey.

I realised that since I’ve met Dude, I’ve refined my palate somewhat.

I didn’t use to enjoy salmon, and would refuse to eat sashimi. But now, I enjoy salmon head in soup, pan seared salmon and especially raw slices of salmon. The only requirement that I have of salmon is that it must be fresh. Really fresh. I don’t know why most people can stand to eat salmon that isn’t fresh. Do they not smell the rancid fish oil that marks a not so fresh salmon?

It’s this scent that always turns me off from salmon. Some people say that I’m picky or have an expensive palate. I don’t. I just like good, fresh food.


Raw sushi at Ikeikemaru

Because of this need for freshness, I rarely go for sushi belt restaurants since they serve their sashimi with an ice pack (wtf right?). I’d rather pay more for relatively freshly prepared sashimi and not really worry about food poisoning.

I used to douse my coffee with so much sugar that you don’t even taste the coffee anymore. But now, while I still don’t take black coffee without some sugar, my milk coffees are now sugarless.


Homemade cappuccino

I’ve been exposed to a lot more Indian food too. I discovered how wonderful appom is with curries, that I don’t think I can go back to eating it with brown sugar.  I even made my own rasam at home because I had such an intense craving and couldn’t find the time to head down to Little India.


Homemade rasam in a cup

However, even with all this palate refinement, he can’t break me out of my love for instant noodles.


Plain curry Maggu noodles with egg

I still love my curry flavoured noodles but I don’t have then as often. I’ve only had the curry noodles just one in the months that I’ve been married, mostly because we don’t have the curry flavoured ones in the house and that’s the only kind that I take.

I guess, in the end,  no matter how ‘refined’ your palate gets, you’ll never give up your comfort food.

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