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Married life so far

Last Monday marked my 6th month of being a wife, someone’s life partner and co-owner of a home. Most days I don’t think about the changes my life has gone through in the last half a year but on the days that I do, I’m surprised at how different my life is now.


Our wedding bands

I realised how pampered I was before my marriage, with my meals and my laundry all being taken cared of by my mum’s helper. Now, I do the laundry for the household and breakfasts too. I’m not great at it but I’m learning. It’s not to say that I don’t know how to cook. It’s just that I need practice.


Caramelised onion grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast

The household chores that I dislike the most are now the ones that I do most often and relatively well. I’m still not a first class ironer but I’m getting there.

The biggest difference I feel, is how little time I get to do the little personal projects that I had before I got married. I’ve not written not drawn anything in a long while. I’ve missed it. In the first months of my marriage it irked me that I didn’t get time for myself, to be just me and not somebody’s whatever. Then I realised, if I don’t make the time for myself, noone will.

Now days, I wake up earlier on weekends, when the house is still quiet, to watch the shows that I like that noone else appreciates. When I’m home early, I play my games or read my books. I jot down ideas for my stories in those tiny free time that I have.


I learned that being humans to cats aren’t all that simple and fun, especially when you have a demanding, diva, frequently constipated cat.

I love my life. I give thanks for all the blessings.

I’m happy.

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