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Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

To the people who made my wedding awesome, thank you.

A successful and smooth wedding always has a number of people who helped to make it that way. My wedding was no different.

1. More Than Diamonds
I was very picky with my the type of ring I wanted since it had to fit the type of work I do and not get in the way. Most of the rings we saw at the jewellers were either too ostentatious or way above or budget, so we decided on getting our rings custom-made.

The lovely couple who ran the business, listened to what we wanted and designed the rings on the spot and gave us good suggestions on the design we wanted. With a number of different materials, gemstones and designs to choose from, it wasn’t difficult to find one that we both loved and still stay within budget.

2. Vibrant Skin Sanctuary
I’ve been going to Vibrant Skin Sanctuary for years to do my monthly facial. I love the personalised service, reasonably priced packages and most of all, she helped my skin feel and look better. So when I found out that she provided the bridal spa service, I jumped at it.

It was so pampering and relaxing. My skin felt so soft and smooth for weeks after the treatment. It was totally worth smelling like ikan goreng (fried fish) during the treatment.
3. Andy & Weave
I’ve known about Andy for a few years, when he came to do my sister’s hair for her prom. When I saw that he does make up as well, I requested for a make up and hair trial. I loved his work!

The make up looked natural and I look just like me,  only with prefect skin and more elegant. The young man also has an impressive portfolio, as if I needed anymore convincing.

He made me look absolutely gorgeous on my wedding day. I’m so glad to have him do my make up.

4.  Lagun Sari
Mr Sunanto from Lagun Sari was recommended to us by one of Dude’s clients. Mr Sunanto was also the wedding coordinator for said client’s wedding.

One of the things that attracted me to do our wedding receptions at Lagun Sari was that it was an all-in-one package; wedding venue, invitation cards, wedding favours and decorations were all included. You could even get the bridal gowns, make up artist and henna from them too, if you wanted. The package provided by them was pretty comprehensive and reasonable.

Mr Sunanto also picked, according to him, the best cook team they had for both Dude’s reception and mine. I must admit though, the food was amazing. There’s nothing more disappointing that have not good food at your own wedding.

I would totally recommend Mr Sunanto and Lagun Sari to anyone who’s getting married.

5. Once Upon Images
Back when Dude and I first started taking about weddings, I told him that is love to get his friend Rai to do our wedding photography. I’ve seen his work and I loved it. I was so glad that Rai and his team were available on the days we needed.

Even though it rained on our wedding day and we couldn’t do that many out door photo shoots, we did we could and I enjoyed it. Rai as our photographer made even the least photogenic person (read: me) look good and I enjoyed every single shot of our wedding.

6. My family


Thank you for being there. Thank you forall ofyour help with the preparations. Thank you for making everything so awesome, fun and unforgettable. It wouldn’t have been as wonderful without you.

7. My friends
Thank you for making my wedding so joyous and fun. Thank you for letting me vent my anxiety at you guys. Thank you for celebrating the happy occasion with me. You all rock!

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