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Adventures of living with cats: #1 The one where I got bit

I’ve always wanted cats but my mom had always said no. So, I got my wish when I got married since my husband has 2 cats, Sadie and Coco, at home. He keeps insisting that I only like the idea of having cays but I have no idea what I’m in for.

The past three weeks, had been good in my opinion. I’m learning to watch where I step in case of cats underfoot. Especially at night, when I go to the kitchen in the dark and they choose the darkest part of your path to lie down on.
Anyway I have a daily routine now, where I brush Sadie everyday when I come home from work.


See this cat there? She’s cute and innocent looking isn’t she? Well, she isn’t!

I was brushing her and she stood up, which is a signal that she’s bored and she’s totally fine with the brushing. She rubbed herself against my arm and then bit me! What a wench! That was the first tone she bit me hard enough to break skin and bruise. And I wasn’t even doing anything!


I just ignored her for the rest of the evening and now I’m a little wary that she’ll bite me again.


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