Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Counting Down The Days

Half the year has gone and as the second half starts, I start counting down the days; to the end of my time working at my current work place, the start of my life as a wife and the start of my responsibilities at the new work place.

A friend of mine said that I, like her, seem to do things the bandaid way. Why string out the pain slowly, just rip the bandaid off quickly at one go?

I didn’t plan to have everything happen at the same time. It just so happened that it all seems to happen in the same month.

I’m not that anymore


Things have changed since I’d made this name card, a decade ago. Everything on that card is different. The only thing the same is my name, and the address of my work place. Hopefully in the next two months, I’ll have a new name card and doing what I love doing.

I’m pretty excited and nervous to move on to a new job but I think it’ll be a good change; a new place, new people, new job scope. Starting fresh, with no baggage ( I hope).


We’re getting married!


Dude and I finally set a wedding date and we had a little under two months to plan everything. We managed and now we’re sending out our invitations. It feels like I’ve been waiting for this day for ever and now that it’s only 6 weeks away, I still can’t believe that it’s happening. It feels surreal.

Everything is done and booked. We just have to figure out the logistics of some things, and we’re all set.

I’ve already start my count down earlier this week and I’m excited and scared, and yet, looking forward to it all.

Can’t wait!

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