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Ukulele, making music again.

Last Saturday, my friends and I went for a ukulele workshop at Ukulele Movement. We were lucky enough to get into the second workshop since the seats were selling out fast.

It’s been a long time since I’ve actually played music with a group of people and to get that chance again, and learning something new, was going to be exciting. I didn’t know what to expect but turned up at the shop at the crack of dawn 10am with only a bite of breakfast and a lovely cup of coffee from Loysel’s Toy (it was in the same building) and found that the room was already almost filled. We sat down at the back of the room and flipped through the music sheets that were given out to everyone.

I’ve not practiced playing my ukulele in a very long while so I had to quickly remember my chords but of course, the fingers wouldn’t cooperate. We warmed up and had our first lesson of the morning.

It was pretty fun. I didn’t take any pictures at the workshop because I was too lazy busy looking through the notes and listening to the instructors. It felt great to be part of a music playing group again.

I think that the next time they have a similar workshop, I think I’ll sign up again. It was that fun.

Here’s a sound clip of All I Want Is You by U2, that we played on Saturday.

Much thanks to Sarah for letting me embed this on this post. You can read more about the class at her blog.

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