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Learning To Draw Again

My friends who knew me back in high school would know that I can’t draw, which was sad, seeing that we all came from an arts class. out of a class of 30, we only had a handful of people who could really draw. The rest of us just muddled through it.

For the longest time, I never did anything art related. What’s the point right, when you know you don’t have an artistic bone in your entire body. I write some but not in the same intensity as my friends. I doodle some, on the side of my notebooks while attempting to listen to meetings, talks and seminars but nothing much ever came from it.

Frankly, I was getting tired of trying to show the story that I have in my head, into words.

I started reading online comics like Questionable Content, Oglaf (NSFW) and XKCD, though I haven’t caught up in along while. I could see the progression of their art and how well drawn they’ve gotten over the years.

And then I met Max. He’s like me, works in a lab, deal with samples and annoying scientists. The only difference is that he draws. A lot, and very well. He showed me that just because you’re in science, doesn’t mean that your life has to be dull. Here’s a sample of his work.

At the library recently, he shoved Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud and said, “Read this. This is good if you want to do comics.” He was right! Each chapter blew my mind, and it made me think of what makes a comic so interesting and riveting to a reader. Then I borrowed Making Comics by the same author and I came to a realisation.

After all the comics I’ve read, both graphic and web, comics would be an interesting way of telling a story and the process of planning a comic is mostly similar to planning for a story/novel. I may not be able to draw very well but I can practice.

So I’ve started a little blog for my doodles. It’s here if you’re interested. I’m going to practice, draw and write, so that at least my stories/comics are good enough that people understand them.

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