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In Pursuit of a Dream Job

Dream Job

I’ve not been happy with my current job for the longest time and Dude enrolled me in a course called Dream Job by Ramit Sethi, the same guy who does I Will Teach You To Be Rich. I’ve been looking for a job for almost half the year and I’ve only gotten a handful of interviews. Either the job market is that competitive or I’m doing something wrong.

Anyway, this course hasn’t been easy. It challenges a lot of what you think you know about job application, about finding a job and even what you want in a job. I’m only half way through it and more than once I’ve thought about saying, “Fuck it, I’m just going to give up.” But I can’t (especially when he keeps reminding me how much he paid for the course) be cause I know it’s helping me.

The first module teaches you on what mental barriers are and helped me identify my own personal mental barriers that stop me from applying for some jobs. That one was a relatively quick exercise.

The second module was finding your dream job. That involved an in-depth research of the different job positions in my industry that interested me. This particular exercise was pretty tiring but very helpful since I discovered there are so many other jobs in my industry that I didn’t know about. When I was in school, they didn’t tell you what other jobs are out there in science other than the research-based ones that they were prepping us for. Seriously, if I’d known what I know now, I’d have left when my first contract was up, and find something else to do within the industry to get maximum exposure and gathering as much as experience as I can. Well, it’s still not too late. I hope.

Anyway, the third module is similar to the second one, only that it involves finding your dream company or a company that you think will suit you. That was an eye opener too, since I’ve discovered that other than the big MNC pharma companies, there are a number of smaller, local biotech companies out there.The ones I didn’t know about since they don’t come into my little job sphere.

I’m currently at module four, where I’m supposed to network. This, in my opinion, is the most challenging module/exercise so far as I’m not the most sociable person out there. Just thinking about the exercise that I’m supposed to do after the module made me physically ill. However, I do have a plan on how to improve my networks but it requires careful planning and a number of friends.

Frankly, I’m scared of this step. I’m scared of screwing up, of not making a good impression, of just being an overall sucky person that no one wants to hire. I know that having a good professional network will increase the chances of me getting a new, better job, so I’ve got to give it my best, don’t I?

The next module is basically revamping the resume. I think I’ll just do that concurrently while I network. Wish me luck.

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