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Why is my lunch bag so big?

Most ladies I know would have a small bag to carry their paraphernalia out to lunch and the bag will look like this one.

Little lunch bag

What people normally bring out during lunch time

Most of these ladies will have their wallet, a packet of tissue, an umbrella and maybe some mints. I used to be one of those ladies, until quite recently when I started bring out more things than just the wallet and the umbrella.

Lunch is usually the only time in a work day when I can escape from my little desk and try to forget about work for an hour. Other than nourishing myself with whatever that I was craving that day, I would window shop. But one can only window shop for so long when there’s a limited number of shops to see and so I started to indulge in a little creativity during that lunch hour.

What I bring out to lunch

What I bring out to lunch

Along with my umbrella and my big, orange wallet, I started bringing out my notebook to plan for NaNoWriMo, to write flash fiction and the such. Then I added my small sketch book for me to practice doodling and sketching. Of course, I’d need to take my pencil case with me now that I need my writing/drawing materials. Lunch time is usually the only I have to squeeze in some writing/drawing.

With all these items I’m carrying out, the small bag wasn’t going to fit them and so I started carrying a tote bag instead.

Lunch tote bag

What I bring out during lunch time

Even though I may not use any of the items at all, it’s something that I like to have on me when the mood strikes. The tote bag also comes in handy when I need to do some minor shopping.

Sure, these are the things that make my bag so heavy but frankly, these are also the little things that keep sane on a normal work day. I’d take the weight and sanity over a light bag and the need to do bodily harm to those I work with.

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