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My Weekend Girly Date With Jo

Saturdays are my date days; they could be with Dude or with my friends. Seeing that Dude was on reservist, I spent the entire day with Jo.

I was supposed to head down to the museum with my sister, Hopeily, and her friend but decided to ditch them and meet Jo for lunch.

Lunch was had, window shopping was done and then we headed down to the National Library where we met Sarah, where we plotted our respective NaNoWriMo novels while Sarah had her corned beef sandwich.

There were the usual hi-jinks which usually follows when we meet Sarah; Dance Central dance-off, searching of presents for our friends and a first aid kit purchase. While all this was happening, the skies opened and in rained in sheets. Even with umbrellas and waiting for the rain to lessen, we were still drenched from the knee down.

As Sarah needed to be at Garden’s by the Bay that evening, and since Jo and I didn’t have anything planned, we decided to accompany Sarah to the Gardens. However, that plan was foiled by the heavy rain and lightning. I would have taken a picture of the rain but I didn’t want to get my phone wet.

And so we left Sarah as she got a lift from Daphnemaia and Furry Photos. Jo and I decided to see if we can get a table at the atas Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Beanstro at Marina Bay Sands.

Iced Southern Blend tea

An ice cold cup of tea to wash down dinner

The cafe was crowded and we had to wait a about 15-20 minutes before we got a seat. The decor was slightly different from other CBTL outlets we’ve been to and the cafe served a wider and varied range of menu items. I especially like how much red meat is in their All-Day Breakfast section. Even the sides were interesting.

It took us all of 5 minutes to decide what to have and so we had a mozzarella fritter to share.

Mozzarella fritters

Breaded cheesy goodness

The crumbed cheese was served over a bed of tossed salad greens and some salsa. The cheese and the crumb covering were lightly flavoured, not salty like some of the other fried mozzarella that I’ve tasted. The tomato salsa was surprisingly spicy, just enough of a bite to make you sit up and take note of the flavour. The onions and the olives add a subtle depth to it. Jo, who doesn’t even like olives, loved the salsa too.

The cheese was best eaten hot because once cold, the flavours just go bland and the texture just goes almost like Jumping Clay; soft, spongy and a little stringy. Three large slices of the mozzarella was a little two much for the two of us but if you’re with a group of people who love cheese, this is a must get.

Jo got herself a breakfast platter, where she had scrambled eggs, a sausage, toasted bread and maybe some turkey bacon, I don’t remember too well. Too bad I didn’t take a picture.

I, still with my red meat craving, ordered a breakfast steak and eggs. Finally, I’ve been shown that YES, YOU CAN HAVE STEAK FOR BREAKFAST!

Breakfast steak and eggs

I wish I can have this for breakfast relatively often

The steak was liberally salted and flavoured with herbs, served with 2 slices of thick, buttered toasts, a sunny side up and some onion bulbs pickled in, what I’m assuming, was raisin syrup of some kind. The steak was a little dry but surprisingly tender. The saltiness of the meat goes very well with the sweetness of the pickled onions and blandness of the toast. I wish that they’d actually given me a proper steak knife. As tender as the meat was, it still took quite some effort to cut it into bite sized pieces with the dinner knife they provided.

I think that one needs to eat the meat, the onions, the eggs and the toast in the same mouthful to prevent the meal from tasting a little too rich after a while, but it was a very satisfying meal. My red meat craving was satiated (for the moment) and it’s something I would recommend for anyone else who loves breakfast food at all times of the day, AND love red meat as much as I do.

The total bill was a little pricy for CBTL but seeing that it was a very touristy place, I didn’t mind it too much.

The ladies who served us said that it’s generally crowded during the weekends and during convention time but if you get a chance, do try the food there.

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