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My Facial Routine (Why It Takes Me Forever To Get Ready)

I had acne through my teenage years and right up to my late twenties, so I get a little more particular about my face than most people. It takes me about an hour just to deal with my face when I get ready in the morning. I don’t know about anyone else but to me, that’s the norm.

Here’s my face routine in the morning:

1. I swipe on the toner.

2. Slap on the pre-treatment serum.

3. Moisturise.

4. Slap on the sun block.

During this time I usually have my breakfast and then I start on my make up. This is just to allow the moisturiser to settle, so that my make up won’t slide off over the course of the day. Or something like that.

Make up is the more tedious part but here’s the basic stuff that I wear on a normal day to work:

1. I spritz on the Oil-control make up setting spray.

2. Smooth on the make up primer.

3. Add concealer to hide the dark rings under the eyes.

4. Swipe on some lip & cheek stain.

5. Buff on my mineral make up foundation.

Here, I let the make up warm up to my skin temperature (takes about 5 minutes) and see if I need more coverage but generally I don’t. Here’s also where I see if I need to dab on my mineral concealer.

6. I swipe on just a tiny bit of blusher just to make the cheek stain a little more obvious.

7. Then I just set the make up with some finishing powder.

8. Draw on some eye liner and swipe on some lip simmer on top of my stained lips.

And we’re done.

My sisters Some people say that I don’t look like I’ve got make up on but the main point of this is to look natural. Cover the blemishes but not look like you’ve got make up on, enhance the healthy glow. It’s harder than it looks too.

Usually, when I’m going out for a special night out or an event, it takes me about an hour just to do my make up alone since the eyeshadows take a while for me to do, mostly because I don’t usually wear eye shadow when I go to work.

So, do you have any facial routine? Care to share?

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