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My Irrational Dislike For Manchester United

If you know me, you’d realise that I’m actually very indifferent about football. I’d watch it if the Singapore team was going up against Malaysia because that’s a matter of national pride. I’d watch the World Cup because it only happens every four years, but I wouldn’t stay up late just to watch it or anything. Everything else about football, I just can’t give two hoots about.

However, Manchester United is just the one thing about football that seems to make me want to punch people’s faces off and I just realised why. It’s the fans, the rabid fans of the football club that are the reason why I don’t like the team at all.

My first exposure to the the English Premier League was at the age of 15. I’d just ended up in a new class after the major reshuffling. It just so happens that the class as made up of mostly football fans. The most vocal of those were the Manchester United fans. They had a very ugly rivalry with the Liverpool fans in the class, shouting across the classroom (not when the teacher is around, of course)on who has better players or who had a better game the night before. I just wanted them to stop shouting because it made it hard to read.

One of those fans was a close friend of mine and she would go on and on about the team. I could usually tune out when they started talking about the team but that wasn’t possible when the gloating started. It was so ugly and I thought that they being bad winners. They were already being bad losers but being a bad winner just makes it even worse. Every single Man United fan in that class was exactly like that it was extremely annoying. Telling them to stop only made them gloat even more. That gloating made so much of an impact on me that it made me turn from an indifferent football spectator, into a someone who hates just that one team.

Even now, whenever someone says anything in the form of support for Man United, it fills me with irrational disgust. It doesn’t help that there’s no where that I can escape from this love for Man U since the fanbase is so strong here.

So now I just try to ignore and just skip over everything Man United that I come across but that doesn’t mean I don’t want then to lose the title match every year.

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