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Escaping From Werewolf Village

Over the weekend, my friends and I were at the Real Escape Game event again. Previously, we attempted to escape from the Mysterious Cathedral. This time, we tried escaping from Werewolf Village.

Werewolf village flyer

I had so much fun the last time I attended the game, I decided to bring Dude with me, this time around. We met up with Jo, Raven, Sarah and Avarielle at the Scape Warehouse, where the event was held.

Raven, Dude and I were in the same group while Sarah, Jo and a few others formed another team. We shared a table with a group of Japanese expats and they were really awesome. Since Raven and I managed to escape the last time, we hoped that we can do it again.

We were shown and a video.

Then, we were given and hour to solve the puzzles and work out the clues to get the answer to the final question.

It was so much tougher this time around. While there was some difficulty in communicating with my Japanese group mates as they were not very comfortable in speaking in English but they breezed through the puzzles amazingly.

Our group was only 3 steps behind solving the final question when time was up and we were ‘killed’ by the werewolves. However, 4 teams managed to ‘escape’ and that’s actually more than all the different sessions of the game combined.

The game was fun and apparently they’ll be coming up with a third installment soon. You can check it out here if you want to know more about the game.

When we were all released from the warehouse, we took a group picture with all our friends just for the memories.

group 1

Thanks Sarah for the picture.

I can’t wait for the next one.

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