Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Realisation of the day

It’s orientation week at Republic Polytechnic and today is when all the clubs and interest groups are out in force to recruit the new students. I must say, no matter what I think about the school, they have very interesting clubs that I wish we’re around when I was in polytehnic.

It made me realise how different I am now than that teenager I was back then. If you take away the hormonal angst, I was an introvert who’d rather stay at home and watch TV than go out and explore. Of course, being tied with a tight allowance also made it hard to go out.

Anyway, back to these interest groups in this school. The teenage me would not have taken up any of the clubs or I I had no choice but to pick one, I’d find the one that required the least amount of work and must be indoors.

Now, if given a chance, I’d sign up to join the capoeira club or the adventure learning club. It seemed interesting and fun. Sarah told me that they even have an MMA club here which sounds awesome. Too bad that if I want to join any of these things now, I’m going to have to join the commercial classes for adults.

I think that the teenage me might have missed out on a lot of things but I might have turned out to be a totally different person now of she was anymore outgoing.

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