Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Seen And Heard On The Morning Commute

The morning sun filters through the grimy windows as the train jerks onwards to the next station.

The scent of too strong perfume or cologne that passengers use to mask the rankness of night sweats and body odour.

The sound of flipping newspaper as they turn the pages.

Passengers trying to stay balanced and still watch their shows on the iPad as the train jerks when it changes tracks.

The sound of too loud music shared by others through their earphones, makin you wonder if they’re actually hard of hearing or just inconsiderate.

Passengers pushing their way into the already packed trains, like sardines in a can.

The occasional fight or argument that happens when two stubborn passenger refuses to give way to one another.

Music, books, movies, tv shows, games on the smartphone and tablets.

Sleeping, nodding heads. Or those pretending to sleep so as not to give up their seat.

Couples with octopus hands, groping and sucking face, not caring that the old lady next to them is giving them dirty looks.

Office clothes, casual beach clothes, clothes that are evident of the hard labour that they do for a living.

Raucous laughter.

My sigh of relief as I finally alight at my destination. Commuting during peak hour is never fun but you do see and hear a lot of things.


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