Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Things I did on a Sunday, at the mall

Bought myself a chai tea latte from Coffee Bean and told them to put it in my Starbucks tumbler.

Went chocolate shopping while I’m craving for sweet caramel, chocolaty goodness and the supermarket just brought out their stock of Easter candy, do I ended up buying too much.

People watch while trying to avoid tripping over kids who aren’t watching where they’re going.

Contemplate if I should go back and get those Reese’s Pieces eggs just because I’ve never seen them before.

Wonder if I should drop by the library to ‘bump’ into my sister and her new ‘friend’.

Scalded my tongue on the chai tea latte. I seem to do that every single time.

Found the Phyto brand supplement for the hair but decided not to go with it since most of the ingredients are already in my usual daily supplements. Also, they cost about $88 a bottle and you need to take it for 4 months straight. I took the all natural hair supplement instead, which cost about a quarter of the price.

Saw an inflatable rock climbing course for kids.

The mall was surprisingly not as crowded as it normally is. Must be the bad weather.

When science makes me cry

I’m tired today. Super, super exhausted seeing that I didn’t sleep well last night due to thinking about my project. So, my emotions may not be at its most stable.

So, when I’m trying to do experiments while being this tired. The littlest thing can set me off. I’d planned to run two sets of assays, then take a nap. However, the machinery wasn’t cooperating. I’d prepared my samples on a plate and just as I was about to put in the sample plate into the machine, I found that the computer had hanged. This computer has been obsolete for almost a decade and yet, they’re still using it. It wouldn’t restart or even switch on after I managed to switch it off.

Due to the time sensitive nature of the experiment, I needed to start the results reading as soon as I put in the sample plate but with the computer being a douche canoe, I wasn’t able to do that.

There was cursing and banging of the mouse and I’m ashamed to admit it, I cried tears of frustration and stress. It took me a good fifteen minutes to calm down and it was a good thing that noone was around to witness that.

So here I am now, sitting at the canteen and listening to my fellow students talk about stuff, I don’t know what since I’m not paying attention. So I’m going to plan a back up protocol using the huge ass spectro if they can’t get the computer fixed.

Also, I really need to sleep at some point.

How Things Are So Far

I’m on my second week of being away from work. So far, I feel somewhat relaxed and yet also stressed out. I’ve got data to analyse and a report due next week that I’m still struggling with.

I’m still struggling with the data from my practical assignment. I haven’t started on any of my readings.

I can’t do my work at home so here I am at the Starbucks, battling my data with a cup of coffee. So far, I have a more complete picture of the data, I just have to analyse it into a way that makes sense and can work for my argument and explanation, what ever that may be.

Wish me luck. This semester is like an albatross around my neck. I can’t wait to get this off of me.

Game of School

Trying to do my project at school is like a video game, where you have to complete your task before you can go on to the next level.

Keep your mussels alive. If you fail, go back to the starting line.

Prepare your reagents, but first you must hunt for the equipments you need. Improvise if you can’t find it.

Use the equipment but first you must get the computer to turn on. If not, find the elusive guardian lab tech to help you. That will cost you time and some HP.

Test assay to see if it works. If not, rework the protocol and retry until you get something.

You get EX points of course and when you run out of HP, you head down to the canteen for a caffeine boost or over the bridge to the overpriced green mermaid for coffee flavoured milk.

I can’t say that this is a fun game but by end of April it’ll all be done and I can finally sleep.

Seen And Heard On The Morning Commute

The morning sun filters through the grimy windows as the train jerks onwards to the next station.

The scent of too strong perfume or cologne that passengers use to mask the rankness of night sweats and body odour.

The sound of flipping newspaper as they turn the pages.

Passengers trying to stay balanced and still watch their shows on the iPad as the train jerks when it changes tracks.

The sound of too loud music shared by others through their earphones, makin you wonder if they’re actually hard of hearing or just inconsiderate.

Passengers pushing their way into the already packed trains, like sardines in a can.

The occasional fight or argument that happens when two stubborn passenger refuses to give way to one another.

Music, books, movies, tv shows, games on the smartphone and tablets.

Sleeping, nodding heads. Or those pretending to sleep so as not to give up their seat.

Couples with octopus hands, groping and sucking face, not caring that the old lady next to them is giving them dirty looks.

Office clothes, casual beach clothes, clothes that are evident of the hard labour that they do for a living.

Raucous laughter.

My sigh of relief as I finally alight at my destination. Commuting during peak hour is never fun but you do see and hear a lot of things.

Late Night Musings

This is something I wrote last night, in bed, just before drafting off.


It’s late and my eyes are tired but I feel the need to write. It’s been a long while since I’ve felt this way and I think the Arts Bloggers meet up today had something to do with it. It’s been a long while since I’ve met up with new people and talked about writing, explained what NaNoWriMo is about and why we do it.

I know I’m flogging a dead, decomposing horse but I really do miss the writing. It’s been so long since I’ve gotten a plot bunny to nudge that little idea into a full blown writing itch. Reality seemed to have killed a lot of my need to write. I know that semester where I had to do an essay very fortnight burnt out my writing need and chased away all the plot bunnies. I’ve not recovered fully even though that semester was more than a year ago.

I’m having trouble describing scenes, feelings actions when it used to come relatively effortlessly. It’s frustrating when I can barely set the scene to a short story without it sounding stilted and trying too hard.

I need practice. I need my muse back.