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The Day I Went Out And Did Girlie Things

I don’t shop a lot, unlike some of my peers. I usually only go out to get stuff when I needed them or when there’s a sale that I just can’t say no to. So when I saw the promo below, I can’t resist.

La Senza Sassy Savings

Since my friends were going to be in town anyway, might as well get my little shopping trip done and meet them for dinner. So we spent some time at the lingerie shop and I had to resist the urge to blow my entire pay on lady items, and so after much internal debate, I settled on the ones that I wanted most and left.

We walked around the mall for a little bit, while waiting for Sarah to be done with her workshop, Jo, Avariel and I did some window shopping.

We ended up at New Look where I couldn’t resist on trying out some shoes.


I didn’t get any of them in the end as I couldn’t justify getting them and I didn’t really have a reason to. Also, since I don’t have any outfits that would match the brown shoes that I was lusting after. I did however found the perfect thing to give my sister as a birthday present.

After Sarah rendezvoused with us at the mall, we headed out to Arab Street for dinner. I saw that there was a new Turkish place (Derwish, 60 Bussorah St) that took over the premises that was the former Chicken Champ.


The décor was very nice and rather classy. After a quick glance through the menu, we decided to start the meal with hummus.


It was good. Not runny like some places, with a strong spiced taste. I’d have preferred if it was a tad more garlicky but eh, it was wonderful.

Jo and I decided on a spinach pide and sucuk pide, which is a Turkish pepperoni pide, respectively.


My sucuk pide was basically a breakfast pizza of sorts as it had pepperoni, egg and cheese on bread. It was good but it would have been better, to me anyway, if it was a little more spiced. Jo’s spinach pide was delicious and it tasted even better when dipped in the hummus.

Avariel had the Iskender set which was really, really good; thinly sliced lamb over a bed of toasted bread and covered with their spiced tomato sauce and yoghurt. Sarah had the Beyeti, which was lamb wrapped in pastry and covered in delicious gravy.

I would totally recommend the Iskender, the Beyeti and the spinach pide, if you ever go there.

We had a pre-dessert dessert by trying out their rice pudding.

rice pudding

The rice pudding at Derwish is good but I prefer the one at Anatolia.

After dinner, we headed out to the gelato place that we passed by earlier, Gelato Di Posto Storico. Jo and Sarah had a scoop of gelato each, Avariel tried the tea that she found most interesting, while I had an affogato.


I’ve been wanting to try it for the longest time, just never got around to getting it. The large scoop of vanilla gelato had crushed bits of Oreo cookies on it and drowned in a shot of espresso. The coffee was good, even without the gelato; with the gelato, it tasted even better. I was disappointed that they didn’t have decaf coffee but I think the affogato wouldn’t have tasted as wonderful if it was decaf.

I would most definitely want to go back to try out the gelato flavours that I saw, like mint, salted caramel and coconut.

It was a really good day out with awesome friends and even though I’ll be getting busier from this week onwards, I hope that I get to do this again soon.

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