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Hacking Up A Lung: Home Remedies For Coughs

Being sick during the holidays is never fun. I came down with a cold that developed into a cough that I had trouble trying to shake. I’ve always had a hard time recovering from a cough and this time it was a lot worse than before since I had coughed badly enough in my sleep that I sprained a shoulder and pulled a core muscle. That made it really hard to move around and sleep was agonising since I couldn’t lie down to sleep.

OTC cough meds or even those prescribed by the doctor didn’t seem to help so I resorted to a number of home remedies, like honey and lemon in warm water.

Didn’t work.

Then I tried ginger boiled with rock sugar, to make spicy but sweet ginger tea.

It worked for a short while but I was still coughing badly enough that my left core muscles were aching and I thought that if I didn’t find something soon, I was going to pull another muscle.

Then my granny’s maid suggest taking a tablespoon of soy sauce and some lemon juice.

Guess what? It worked! I took a tablespoon last night and it was the most restful sleep I’ve had in the last three weeks. I’m still coughing a little but not as bad as I used to, which was more like trying to hack up a lung. I took another tablespoon of the mixture this morning and I’m not rushing out of the office every fifteen minutes so that I don’t disrupt the office quiet with my hacking coughs.

So yeah, if you’re having a really bad cough, give this a try. Maybe it’ll work for you too.