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Moving Away From iDevices

At the recent demise of my 5 year old white Macbook, I was convinced to go back to using a Windows machine.


It helped that I got a machine that’s the same specs as a 13″ Macbook Pro, for half the price.

It was not as hard as I thought to be back to using Windows, though the keyboard placement did give me a slight problem. Anyway, the transition from an Apple OS to Windows 7 was relatively smooth and painless. Although, I did keep trying to do my Mac shortcuts only to realise they don’t really work.

Since I was moving away from Apple, I had gotten myself an Android Tablet as well. However, I didn’t expect the learning curve to using an Android tablet to be as steep as it was.

I had some technical issues with the tablet at first which ended with it being at the service centre for a week after only getting and barely using it for two weeks but so far it seems alright.

The home screen for the device looks like this.

Anyway, the onscreen keyboard for this tablet isn’t as easy to use as I thought and I can see why some people downloaded their own keyboard apps instead of using the native one.

I’m so used to the Apple App Store that trying to navigate through the Android Market doesn’t feel as easy. I have to keep reminding myself that not everything on the App Store is available on the Market and that I have to find alternatives for them.

The thing that I do like about this tablet is that it’s relatively easy to transfer my files in there. I’m still unable to sync it to my computer but since it’s read as an external storage device, I just drop my files into the appropriate folders and TA DA! I can read/watch them on the tablet.

Now that I’m moving away from Apple, the only Apple product left that I have is the phone but I have a feeling that that isn’t going to change anytime soon in the future.

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