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It's Not That I'm Not A Morning Person

I’m just not a friendly, bubbly, cheery one in the morning. Who would be if you have to go through the morning commute from hell, every morning.

I like my mornings to be peaceful, quiet and only interrupted by the mournful sigh when the coffee’s gone. However, we don’t always get what we want and I’m just ‘lucky’ enough to have colleagues who don’t understand that giggling shrilly at nine in the morning is not really acceptable, especially when one has not had a caffeine boost.

Ok, so I might just be a grumpy bear in the morning. Doesn’t mean I don’t like people. I do. If they keep their damn mouths shut until I’m ready to deal with them.

Actually, I just happen to like peace and quiet at work at all times. So it grates on my nerves when one speaks in a loud voice, with a mouthful of food, and especially when it comes from a cute, young lady. It’s most unbecoming.

Couple that with another colleague who slurps his drinks and food, it does get annoying when it’s the only sound you hear other than the hum of the central air-conditioning and the infrequent sound of pages turning or phones going off.

I do try to drown out the sounds by listening to my own music but when they talk loud enough to be heard over Dethklok playing through my earphones, there’s something wrong there.

Maybe I should just move to another work place where I don’t have to deal with people at all.

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