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Friday Foods: Tumeric Chicken

One of the things that I love about Dude is that he cooks and loves to experiment with spices. One of the latest things that he came up with is Tumeric Chicken. This recipe is very different from mine but I have to say, his recipe tastes so much better. Though that could just be because I was hungry when he served the chicken for dinner.

Dude has awesomely given me the recipe to his chicken and even pictures to go along with it.

2 tbs tumeric powder
2 tbs black pepper
4 tbs coriander seeds, ground in a mortar and pestle
2 tbs chili flakes
2 tbs vegetarian oyster sauce
4 tbs Thai fish sauce (nam pla)
900g chicken


Mix everything but the chicken together, for the marinate

marinate spices

Poke holes into the chicken skin side with a fork. The chicken should be clean and dry before adding it into the marinate. Mix well and marinate it for as long as you want.


In a non-stick pan, without using any oil, put the chicken in, with the skin side down. The fat will render out and you won’t need to add any oil at all. If you want a crispier skin, remove the oil from the pan and place it skin side down in the pan to crisp up.

Serve it with rice or porridge or you can make it into a sandwich.

The marinated chicken can be kept in the fridge for up to a week.