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The Cats In My Life

I like cats, I really do but I also have a slight fear of them. How can one not be cautious when handling animals with sharp claws and teeth, and who wont think twice about eating you if you just happen to die and they don’t have any food? But for me, mostly it’s because of the teeth and claws.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve gotten over most of my fear of their claws. It helps when Dude keeps throwing his cats into my lap. I’ve gotten to the point where the cats can run all over me, climb over the back of the sofa right behind my head and having them sniff my feet. Heck, they can claw my knee too if they want, provided I’m wearing jeans.

Since I do talk about the cats relatively often, I thought why not introduce them. Also, since I can’t have cats at home, I get to have taste of what it means to have cats in the house.

First up is Mama Cat, Sadie, formerly known as Kitty.

sadie 1

Sadie is, according to Dude, a Balinese chocolate point. She’s fuzzy, smart, vocal and also rather fat.

Look at that face, isn’t she just the cutest? She’s almost 2 years old and I remember when I first saw her, she was about half the size she is now and not as dark.

sadie 2

Most of the time when I come over for a visit, I’ll find her in the dark corner under Dude’s desk, napping the day away. When she’s awake, she’d saunter over and plop herself down in front of who ever is free, expecting pettings, scratches and lovings from the lowly humans.

She makes me want to pick her up, stuff her in my bag and take her home but because she rarely gets her claws trimmed (she’s fussy like that), I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.

Next is Baby Cat, Coco. Coco is the only surviving kitten of Sadie’s. The other two didn’t survive since Sadie was under a year old when she got knocked up by a roving Romeo. Coco was originally Harry, The Kitten Who Lived, until they realised that Harry was a female and so she became Coco.

coco 1

Coco is very energetic, running around and playing with her toys. She’s not a lap cat that’s for sure, and she’s one hell of a climber. I’ve never seen a cat climb as high and as quick as she does. One minute she’s on the floor and the next, she’s standing at the top of the cupboard, looking very proud of herself.

The one and only time she would lounge on my lap, looking forlorn was when she first came back from the vet after being sterilised. She had the saddest look on her face.

coco 2

So these are the cats that helped me get over my fear, and are also the ones that leave me covered in cat hair half the time. They may not be mine but I do love them just the same.

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