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The Home Stretch: The Last Week Of Ramadan

Three weeks into Ramadan and now we’re coming into the last eight days of the holy month.

It’s a different kind of challenge this year, where all I can think about is food. One would think that it’s normal when one is fasting but for me, it’s not. I’ve never had the problem with thinking about food or hunger and this is year is the first. The cravings for carb-laden food is so strong that even on days that I’m not fasting I’d still be craving for it.

So in this last week of Ramadan, time feels like it’s moving a lot faster. I’ve not made any Eid goodies this year due to actually being busy this year. I’m not even sure when my family will start with the pineapple tart making. The house needs to be put in order, ok, more like my stuff needs to disappear from the living room and placed somewhere where others don’t mess it up so that we can pretend that we’re not all pack rats.

Basically, my house is way behind on the Eid preparations and strangely, we’re not panicking. I think that’s because my grandma’s not up and about to crack the whip at everyone to get things going. I think it’s going to be a small celebration again this year, as everyone’s busy with their own thing.

I’m still not feeling the magical feeling that usually accompanies the last week of Ramadan but I guess that’s what it means to grow up.

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