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Friday Foods: Nutella and Banana Sandwich

homemade AfternoonTea Nutella
Photo by snowpea&bokchoi

I actually discovered this a week before Ramadan, while I was searching for a light lunch at work. It just so happened that I dropped by the tiny cafe near the office and they had this. It’s so easy and I just had to share.


Told you it was easy.

Toast the bread to the desired level of toasty-ness. Any kind of sliced bread will do, I prefer wholemeal or multi-grain.

Spread the Nutella all over both slices of toast. Be generous.

Slice the banana into 1/3 inch thick and arrange it on to a slice of Nutella covered toast.

Slap on the other piece of toast. Cut the sandwich diagonally across and serve.

TA DA! A quick, semi-healthy sandwich that’s perfect for any time of the day or night. I’m itching to try it with peanut butter instead of Nutella.