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Why I Go To Book Stores, And The Things I Do There

French Quarter Book Store
Photo by LOLren

Every couple of weeks, I would drop by the big bookstore in town just so that I get my fix of book fondling.

Yes, I love to fondle books; molesting their spine, take in the scent of fresh, clean pages and flipping the pages to feel the breeze against my face. I have a book fetish and I’m not ashamed of it.

I love walking through the stacks, trailing my fingers against the spine of the books and reading the titles and the name of the authors, until one strikes my interest. If the book interests me enough, I may consider buying it. More often than not, I would go home with a book or two.

I’d admire the cover art of the books and compare the different cover art for the same book, if there is any.

I’d check out the new arrivals, even though I’ve already checked them out the last time I was there, which could be just be the week before.

The three major sections that I would always check out are the fantasy, horror and graphic novels sections, just to check if they’ve brought in anything new since the last time I checked.

I would pour over the collection of Moleskine products that they have and covet the different notebook selections that they have.

At the end of the few hours that I can spend at the bookstore, I would reluctantly leave the bookstore and look forward to the next time I can drop by.

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