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I Wonder What First-Time Visitors To Singapore Think

When they go through the city and experience life here as a non-local?

Photo by jjcb

I wonder what do they think of the clean streets and beaches, without knowing that there’s an army of cleaners who work very hard in the wee hours of the morning to clean up the mess that we, ‘responsible’ Singaporeans make.

I wonder what do they think of the strange, seemingly owner-less tissue packets on the tables in the hawker centres and food courts. I wonder if they think it’s complimentary for guests.

I wonder what do they think of the never ending construction every where. Do they feel it a good thing? An inconvenience?

I wonder what runs through their minds when they go to the local clubs and see people dancing like this.

I wonder what do think of the Singaporean obsession with queueing up for everything and anything, even if they don’t really know what they’re queueing up for?

Or how rude and ugly the commuters can get if they happen to encounter them during peak hours, off peak hours, every hour of the day while on the ‘public’ transport.

I wonder if they’ll ever come back.