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The Reason Behind My Online Handle

Starlight Mints
Photo by Steven Snodgrass

Sometime last weekend, during the Potter Party, the following conversation occurred.

Me: Mints? *opens a can of mint candy and passes it around*

Raven: How come you always seem to have mints on you?

Dude: *looks like he just had an epiphany* So that’s why you’re called Mintea!

I’ve been asked multiple times, why does my online handle sound a lot like mint tea or minty?

The simple reason, is that I like mints.

I’ve always liked mints. It’s the only kind of candy that I would eat.

When I started out this blog after abandoning my livejournal, I wanted a fresh start. This included a new online handle.

It was difficult to decided what to call myself and then I thought, screw it. I’ll just pick what I like, like mints and tea. So… Mintea!

Bourbon Mint Tea
Photo bythebittenword.com

And so, that name stuck. It’s been five years since then and I’m not looking to changing it again.

So that’s my story.