Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Catching The Shutter Bug

I’ve never been very into photography, since my style of taking pictures is just basically point and shoot. I don’t even bother editing the pictures either. So it’s very much a surprise to me when I started to develop an interest in analogue photography.

Avariel has been part of the local lomography scene for a while and she always seemed to have the cutest camera when she went out with us on adventures. Her interest was contagious as not long after that. Raven started her own collection of lomo cameras. I tried out Avariel’s Diana+ camera but I have yet to get the film developed, so I have no idea how it turned out. I had fun just snapping away at almost everything.

Recently, I discovered that there are Holga lens attachments for the Instax mini 7s, which I already have. Technically, I bought the Instax as a birthday present for my sister but she rarely uses it, so I sorta claimed it as my own.

holga lens for instax

Anyway, there were the Fisheye lens attachment set as well as the Wide and Tele lens set. There were also the Close up & Macro lens set and the Filter lens set too. Cool huh?

I tried out the lenses to see how they look and I rather like the effect.

different lenses

I tried out using just the adapter, followed by the wide angle lens and then the tele lens, respectively. The adapter itself added a slight vignette effect to the picture and I rather like it. The wide angle lens is rather cool. The dark vignetting looks really nice against the bright centre. The tele lens however, I’m not so sure. It’s interesting but I’m not sure when is the best time to use it, or how to use it effectively.

These lens attachments have renewed my interest in getting a real Holga for myself, as I really like the unique effects that develop in the pictures.

Holga - The lost Vespa
Photo by Vick the Viking

I’d love to play around with the different lenses, filters and film types just to see what kind of effects you get. I’m the least artistic person out there but just the thought of experimenting with the different accessories sounds exciting and fun.

However, the main reason for me to not getting it yet is that, getting the camera would mean, getting the different accessories, film and of course, the cost of film would be rather high. Also, I’ve heard how addictive photography can be.

So at the present moment, I’m trying very hard to resist the pull to get a new camera. I’ll just play around with the Instax and hopefully, just be happy with it as I’m not ready for the commitment of spending moolah on shit load of camera stuff.