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Potter Party At The Library

Photo courtesy of Raven

One of the best things about having friends that are very big Harry Potter fans is that they plan really cool parties. Since the latest Harry Potter movie will also be the end of the series, my friend Sarah decided to organise one for the fans, to celebrate, to recap and I think, also to mourn the end of a decade of Harry Potter movies.

The party was held at the multi-purpose room at the library and was open to all fans. We were encouraged to dress up as characters from the movie. I’d initially wanted to make a Death Eater robe but I didn’t have the time (or frankly, the inclination) to sew the robe. Heck, I didn’t even finish making my wand. However, I had a Gryffindor House t-shirt, so I was all set.

We met at the library and while waiting for everyone to arrive, we busied with the tying of the house ties and well, just taking pictures. I brought my Instax camera, hence the scanned pictures of instant film.

pre-party photo

When everyone was there, some of us decorated the room, some of us got into our costumes while I the rest of us guarded the door against over-eager party attenders, and there were a few.

our hosts

The party was hosted by Nymphadora Tonks and Bellatrix Lestrange, giving us the good vs evil vibe. It was fun; quizzes, house points, book recaps and even a re-enactment of some scenes in the book.


The Hogwarts teachers were dressed rather casually but then, it is a party after all.

The party was concluded with a feast that included cake, Berti Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and even Butter Beer, contributed by one of the teachers. I didn’t stay long for the feast but it was still going strong when I left.

I know that most of us are actually excited about the new movie but those of us who’ve read all the books and watched all the movies, multiple times in the last decade or more, it feels like we’re saying goodbye to a beloved friend. So what better way to send off a friend than an awesome party?