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Me And My MILO

Photo by Nestle

I grew up drinking MILO, the popular malted chocolate drink. It was one of the first things I asked for when I woke up and still remains one of my comfort food/drinks when I’m feeling low. It’s also a meal replacement for me when I’m just too lazy to eat or in need of a quick snack.

I didn’t realise that MILO has been in the region for far longer than I thought. It wasn’t until I found this ad for MILO from the 70s.

I would say that most of us in Singapore grew up drinking MILO. Now days, my MILO drink in the morning is almost always spiked with a little coffee, for that extra kick of caffeine.

Now days, there are so many variations of MILO drinks out there and one of the most popular one is the MILO Dinosaur.

Milo Dinosaur!
Photo by mulberry leaves

This is when a large glass of iced MILO is topped with a thick layer of MILO powder. It’s wonderfully sweet, cold and if not drank right, might induce cough fits from inhaling the MILO powder straight into the throat.

Even the ads have also changed with the times.

Even so, the message is still the same, MILO is good for you. It also tastes very good.

MILO is so popular in the house that whenever anyone buys the pre-packaged MILO drinks, it usually doesn’t last more than a few days. It’s just something that my sisters and I really love, even as adults.

When I was in Australia a long while ago, I discovered that the MILO blend in Australia tastes differently from the one that we get locally; it’s more chocolaty and goes so well when mixed with warmed milk. So I was overjoyed when I discovered that we could actually get the Australian blend here. It costs a little bit more but for MILO lovers like it, it’s worth paying a little bit more.

MILO is the one drink that will almost always help make me feel better.

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