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Currently Reading: Mercedes Thompson Series

mercedes thompson series

As I mentioned before, I love all things related to vampires, werewolves, magic, witches and fae. So when was done with the previous series that I was re-reading, I picked up the one that went back to urban fantasy. I picked Patricia Briggs’ Mercedes Thompson series.

Mercedes Thompson, the protagonist of the series, is flawed (as all interesting and believable characters are) and human, even though she isn’t fully human. She can change into a coyote at will and just so happens to be working as a mechanic in a workshop previously owned by a gremlin and she’s neighbours with the Alpha of the local werewolf pack.

Mercy, as she’s called by those close to her, seems to have a habit of getting into trouble, though not always her fault. It just seems to follow her around. Living in a city that’s packed with supernatural beings, there’s bound to be trouble some where.

Moon Called is the first book of the series, where we’re introduced to Mercy’s world and the creatures in them. We get to know her background and also her relationship with Adam Hauptman, the werewolf Alpha. As the series progresses, we see a relationship develop and we get to know more of Adam’s pack as well as Mercy’s friends, and of course, enemies too. In each book, Mercy gets tossed around, hit, shot, bitten, basically hurt really bad. Clothes get torn and bloodied and people die.

What I love about this series is that, Mercy doesn’t take shit from anyone, not even werewolves who could kill her with just a snap of their jaws. In fact, what ever is dished out at her, she returns it at least double and she’s not above fighting dirty. She’s funny, smart-mouthed, loyal and stubborn to a fault and refuses to be rail roaded to do anything that she doesn’t like.

Other than the four books, Moon Called, Blood Bound, Iron Kissed and Bone Crossed, there are 2 other books in the series, Silver Borne and River Marked.

Other than these books, there is also the graphic novel.

mercedes thompson - homecoming

Homecoming is about how Mercy came to live in the Tri-City area and working as a mechanic. It’s not necessary to start with the graphic novel. Each book can be read as a standalone novel but it’s always better to read it chronologically as it is more comprehensive that way.

I’m actually halfway through River Marked at the moment and absolutely enjoying it.

One of the things that this series had me thinking, what if our world was like Mercy’s; where the fae and werewolves are openly part of the community, though still not fully accepted. Would it be extremely scary to have what we used to think as just fantastical make-believe creatures are actually real and may be your neighbour? Think about it.

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