Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

A Weekend Of Fun: High And Dry


It’s been a while since I went out with my friends, Raven, Sarah, Avariel and Joelyn, due to school and other schedules. Saturday was the last scheduled ‘adventure’ day before Raven goes off to Down Under for school. I missed out on the iFly and the Mega Zip since I had to go back to school for a few hours but I met them in the evening for the Luge and Skyline ride.

It was a really hot but beautiful day. So while I waited for them to meet me at Imbiah Station, I sat in the shade with a bottle of water and a book. When they finally arrived, all of us were badly in need of a rest in air-conditioning, so we headed to Victoria Secrets and other air-conditioned shops for a while.

Unfortunately, VS didn’t carry their cute line of panties when we went so we headed to the various candy shops that were nearby, Candylicious and Hershey’s.

Something about being in a candy store makes me feel like a little kid again; so many different type of sweets, candy and chocolate that I just want get everything. I didn’t of course, since I don’t have that much of a sweet tooth. I settled on a packet of Pop Rocks and mints.

make out mints

The major reason for me to get that particular mint was because of the tin. It’s cute and the art looks very much like the old comic strips. I was pleasantly surprised that the mints were in the shape of lips but disappointed that eating the mints may not necessarily put you immediately in the mood to make out.

Anyway, after going to both candy shops, we made our way to the Luge and Skyline area. All of us bought the 3 ride combos and headed to the queue for the Skyline ride that will take us to the top of the hill for the luge ride. I have to confess that, while I don’t have a fear of heights, being high up does make me nervous, especially if my legs are dangling down.

The first ride up the Skyline was rather nerve-wrecking for me the moment we hit the peak of the line and as well as when the Skyline goes down, but my friends were awesome in distracting me. When we reached the top, we got our helmets and queued for our little luge karts. Did I mention that there were a heck load of people at the luge that day? There seemed to be a lot of tour groups that day.

When it was our turn, after a quick run down of the instructions, we zoomed down the hill in our karts. It’s been a really long time since I drove, and while I know that luging and driving are very different, there’s something exciting about having the wind through your helmeted hair. I was moving slowly the first ride down to the bottom of the hill, slow enough that kids were overtaking me on the right and left. Kinda embarrassing actually, but fun.

The second and third ride up the skyline were much better since I knew what to expect and I wasn’t so nervous. The luge down was so much more fun since I took the trail down that had multiple turns. I was going down at as fast a speed that I could manage without flying off the kart.

I was disappointed when I reached the luge station at the bottom of the hill. I wished that there was an option to purchase more rides. I had a lot of fun speeding down hill.

All of us were dehydrated by the end of it and to make things worse, we walked all the way back to Vivocity since the monorail back was so packed and the queue was snaking all the way around the station.

I was still recovering from dehydration when I went kite-flying with Dude the next day. I couldn’t find my colourful rainbow kite so I bought a new one, the gaudiest thing they had in the store.


We got the spooled kite-line to go with this new kite and headed to the nearest park, which was popular with kite flyers in the west. There were already a number of people already there and flying the kites. There was a man and his sons flying parachute like sails.

Dude helped me tie the kite-line and it wasn’t long before we got the kite in the air. The strong winds helped but I wasn’t used to using the spool so I had a lot of trouble controlling the kite. The last time I went kite-flying, I didn’t have as much trouble with the kite. It was frustrating that I couldn’t control the kite and especially when it crashed into a tree and we couldn’t get it out.

Dude ended up cutting the line and then getting the kite down buy throwing his shoes at it. By then I was tired, hungry and dehydrated so we packed up and headed to the nearby McDonald’s for lunch. After lunch, as we headed back to the mall from the park, we saw a man flying a kite that was easily three times the size of mine. The spool that he had was at least half a meter in diameter and he needed a sling across his shoulders to carry it. It was amazing!

Later that evening, I didn’t realise how bad my dehydration was until my body temperature spiked up and I was all feverish and breathless. So Dude made sure I finished at least a bottle of isotonic drink, followed by dinner and another bottle of water. It worked, since my body temperature went down to normal and I was feeling so much better.

Despite the dehydration and the frustrating kite-flying session, I did have fun. I’d do it again but not so soon.