Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Frankly, I’m Rather Sick of Mussels

mussel meal

One of the benefits (downside?) of doing a research project on mussels is that what ever mussels that do not fit the requirement for my project, either too big or too small, I get to take home or give it away to someone else. Since Dude had been helping me with not only the transportation of the darn things, he also helped me clean them and put them in tanks, it’s only natural to give him the mussels that I don’t need. What we didn’t expect was how much mussel there would be left over.

Dude took them home and cooked them and shucked them. He ended up with a kilo and a half of mussel meat which he then made into various dishes. Five days on and he still has a big bowl of mussels left and he told me that he was also getting tired of having mussels.

One very awesome benefit of dating a man who not only cooks but is also imaginative in the dishes that he comes out with, I get to taste his cooking. On one of the days that I was at his place, he made Korean mussel soup with rice cakes for me and a mussel salad for him, to go with his rice cakeless Korean mussel soup (He’s on a diet. Don’t ask.)

As good as the salad and soup were, I could barely finish it since it was day 4 of us eating mussels and I was not a great fan of bivalves in the first place. I’d only eat them if the taste of it was covered up by a lot of garlic butter sauce, like at Manhattan Fish Market.

So yes, day 4 and I’m already not looking forward to the next batch of mussels that will be coming in a few weeks. Urgh.

Why did I choose this in the first place?